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Movie Genres for Media Class

Taylah Hernfield

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Movie GENRES

Can be for all ages, depending on the rating
Makes people laugh
Have a lot of diversity
Can have a bit of romance
Intended to be funny
Scary houses
Dark rooms
Dark scenes
Ripped clothes
Scary scenes
Dead people
Undead people
Spooky music
Pop outs
Good usually wins
- Explosions
- Shoot outs
- Guns, Bombs, cool cars
- A hero ( someone who saves the day).
- Super villain, assassin or bad guy.
- Action
- Fighting scenes
- Quick cutting scenes
- Chasing scenes(eg: car chases).
- There is always a scene where the good guy battles the bad guy in his lair.
- Stunts
- Good vs Evil is the main theme
- Fast moving plots
- Some violence
- Generally concludes with a win for the hero

Adventure - Thriller

-Age appropriate scenes
- Funny
- Always has a happy ending
- brings happiness to the audience
-It can be based on a true story or not on a true story
-The settings in a family movie would be a home with a family in it and it would be like any other home
Usually so fake that its funny
Play off actual scary movies
Something always turns out strange
The villain's plans go wrong
Very unexpected things happen that wouldn't normally in a scary movie.
Very entertaining
- Has a blend of action and romance
- Fast moving plots
- Romantic scenes
-Hero is in love with the hostage
- Shooting
- Guns, chase outs
- Action and love scenes

- Includes action scenes to explore new place
- Quests
- Jungle/Dessert, ect settings
- Treasure hunts
- characters are looking for something
- Journeys to unknown places
- exciting story behind the movie
- Usually energetic
- Includes exploration/traveling scenes
-Is a combination of both thriller and adventure scenes
- Scenes provide a sudden rush of feelings
- Has suspence in some scenes
- Mysteries, adventures, surprises
- Good and bad characters
- Quests that the character(s) have to complete

Documentary - Comedy
- Usually has an interesting plot
- Combines comedy and informative things in one film
- Some statistics, but usually unusual or funny things
- Comedian
- Funny things that have occurred in the past
- History
- Statistics
- Is informative, but engaging

Have romantic scenes, plots.
Have funny moments
Makes you laugh
Cute romance
Girl gets the guy (vice versa)
Set in a beautiful place
Drag out the endings
You sit on the edge of your seat
You are hooked throughout the movie
May be a bit scary
Can be aliens, monsters, murderers
Good guy/girl wins
There is normal a battle between the bad and good person
Drama is a widely used genre. It is mostly a mixed genre
It can be romantic, thrilling, scary, funny and mysterious
There is no movie that is just DRAMA
Drama Romance
Love scenes
Cute romance
Tragic, sometimes
Can be sad
Guy gets girl (vise versa)
Lots of soppy scenes
Combination of thriller and horror.
Scary scenes
Interesting storyline
Makes you think
Want to watch until the end.
Pop out scenes
Scary parts
Leaves you with questions
Very intriguing
Make your heart race
Can be scary
Characters looking for things
Very intriguing
Dark rooms
Tombs, treasure hunts
Can be murders
Try to find the bad guys
By Amy, Ayse & Tay 9D
Crime - Mystery
- Leaves people confused at times
- Problem solving
- Results in the outcome of multiple questions
- Entertaining
- Is a combination of crime and mystery
- Good and Bad people
- Police officers
- Leaves audience hanging at times
- Some confusing scenes
- Investigations/ Investigators

- Bad and good people
- Cops/Police officers
- Detectives/Investigators
- Crime scenes
- Breaking the law
- Violence
- Some scarey scenes
- Murders/ Stealing things (Theft)
- Suspense and a bit of tension
- Guns
- Some shooting scenes

- Usually has a simple plot
- Based around one particular sport
- Sometimes includes famous athletes
- Can be comedy or kids animation
- Sporting events
- Athletes
- Usually has scenes building up anticipation and intensity
- Athletes training
- Uniforms
- Is quite funny
- Has an exciting and happy vibe
- Can be a kids animation film
- Has a simple plot to follow
- Usually ends with a character achieving something
- Has humorous scenes
- Is supposed to incorporate sports and comedy
- Has some silly scenes
- Is aimed to entertain the audience
- May include nerds or bullies
- Good and bad characters
Family Comedy
-Really funny
-They do a lot of funny and silly things
-They say hilarious jokes
-The setting is really bright with happiness
-They always have people with different personalities
- Lots of informal scenes and content
- Expert opinions
- Interviews
- Data
- Statistics
- Information
- History - events that happened in the past
-A lot of persuasive languages
- Tends to be often boring
- Can be about anything. From actors to animals, (absolutely anything).
- Usually includes important events that occur or happen in someone's life
- Cowboys
- Cowgirls
- Cowboy hats
- Olden day clothing
- Guns
- Outback music
- Cowboy boots
- Desserts
- Nature
- Setting is usually like outback style
- Swingy doors in those pub places
- Has heroes and bad guys
- Love scenes
- May include jokes
- Fashion is dated
- Women wear big dresses
- Cowboy clothes
- Carriages
- Horses
- Guns
- Fights
- Old buildings
- Desserts
- Western accents

- Energetic and bubbly scenes
- Fun
- Joyful
- May have some dance scenes
- Is based around music and singing
- Happy feelings
- Girls and boys
- Competitions between each character
- Can be for any age group

- Usually has weird characters
- Has some funny scenes
- Is supposed to combine music and comedy together
- Has a lot of singing scenes
- Some dances are done to back up singing
- Bright coloured clothing is usually worn
- Cheerful and joyful
- Is usually suitable for any age group
- Usually includes milestones in history
- Can be about inspirational people
- Can be about millionaires or other famous people
- May include historical events
- Flashbacks
- Old photos
- Olden style clothing
- Accomplishments
- Information on a particular thing or person
- Can have a mixture of different feelings

- Includes history with war
- Usually has an interesting plot
- Violence
- Blood
- Fighting scenes
- Swords
- Metal Armour
- May include some bad language
- Not suitable for all ages
- Dead people
- People killing each other
- Historical events are mixed with war
- The story line is more complex

-Young boys fighting for their country
-Fathers and sons leaving their families
-Risking your life for your country
-Sacrificing everything that you have

War Action
- Dead bodies

-setting is either magical or
-Everything is make-believe
-Things that you would never see
in real life
-You can will see creatures that aren't really real
-You will also see places that are
unusual and different in every
fantasy movie

Fantasy Romance

-People falling in love
-People who are different
that love each other
-They don't really care if they
are different from each other
-They have magic
-The settings would be peaceful
with happiness and love
-Lots of sacrificing for each
-Using magic for a cure to help
the people that are hurt,injured
or dying in the movie

-People who love each other
-Always has a situation
-At the end of the movie it is always
a happy ending
-The settings are just normal, just a
person that has a house, job and that
also goes out of the house to other places
-People in the movies try to do everything they can to try to make the other person happy
-It try's to make the audience cry
-It may have some scenes that are a bit rude and inappropriate for younger

Romance Comedy
-It is funny
-It has jokes
-It is romantic at some points
in a movie
-It is sad sometimes
-There are some happy bits too
-The place setting can be
-It can also have any type of
personality, features and also
- Some romance comedy movies
have some rude and inappropriate

-Can have about anything you would
see in animation movies
-Fairy tales
-Also families can watch animation
as well
-The story can be about anything,
they could have made it up or have copied it from a storybook or a story they have or even you have heard before.
-You will find that it is all animation, you will not see any
real life people in an animation

Animation Adventure
-It would be funny
-Experiencing new things
-Seeing things that you would
never imagine seeing
-Sometimes the characters miss
there families
-The characters in the movies would have a great time or a bad time on their adventure
-The settings you would see in a animation adventure movie would be a lot of different places,since they aren't staying in the one place all the time, they are moving to new places constantly
-You will probably meet new characters while you watch the movie
-This movie is appropriate for all ages

Family Comedy
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