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Veterinary Instruments

No description

Megan LaFollette

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Veterinary Instruments

Veterinary Instruments Office Visits Advanced Otoscope Stethoscope Opthalmoscope Radiography Lasers Spay Pack Other Stuff Dental Instruments Surgical Extracting Forceps to remove teeth
Scalars to remove tarter
Explorer to check for absesses Drapes
Gauze: soak up blood for visibility
Autoclave for sterilization
Pulse ox: measures oxygen level and heart rate
Muzzle: good for appointments and per-surgical drugs Cutting and cauterizing lasers used in surgery
Decreases bleeding, contamination, etc.
Low-level laser therapy (LLLT)
Thought to decrease pain and inflammation See extent of visual field
Diagnose changes in vision
Ulcers and cataracts Heart murmur
Heart rate (too fast vs too slow)
Important during surgery Diagnoses Black= air
White= bone Digital vs Traditional Fractures
Fluid, and more Suture cutting Finding Grabbing Cutting Clamping Holding drapes Ultrsounds Useful for planning for reproduction and during pregnancy
View body cavity (tumors or enlarged organs) Ear infections
Examine ear drum
Certain ear medicines can cause dearness if ear drum in punctured Heart Lungs Stomach Fluid in lungs (sounds like crackling)
Respiration rate (important during anesthesia) Normal gut sounds Needles Drawing blood for testing
Aspirating masses
Giving vaccinations
Use smaller needles for puppies/kittens/cats (23)
Medium needles for dogs/cats normally
Large for subQ fluids or cattle
Bigger gauge number= smaller
18 gauge needle is bigger than 22
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