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Mariah Chingee

Her life...

Mariah Chingee

on 9 June 2010

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Transcript of Mariah Chingee

Mariah Chingee I am... ...years of age!!! The school that I go to is Kau
High School in Pahala. I live in a town called Ocean View thats in the district of Ka'u.I live on Tradewind Boulivard and my house is yellow. Last summer I joined Upward Bound because I didn't have anything to do during that summer. I hope that I will gain expirience about living in college and all of the other college expiriences. I also want to get high school credit because I want to graduate early from high school in 11th grade. An interesting fact about me is that I am from Canada and only moved here 2 years ago. Another thing about me is that I am Native American. Anothe thing is that I am Native American... Thats my tribe! Here is a really good friend of mine and we have about 10 nicknames for each other! I like to eat pickles. The last thing about me is that I have a mushroom fetish. I like the thought of them but I don't actually like eating them.
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