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Warrigal Creek Massacre

No description

Emma Holley

on 6 October 2011

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Transcript of Warrigal Creek Massacre

1843 WARRIGAL CREEK MASSACRE by Emma, Maeve and Sophie This prezi was created Warrigal Creek Massacre On July 1843, a Brittish man named Ronald Macallister was killed by Aboriginies near Port Albert. After the other white settlers found out about this, they became furious and decided to take revenge by attacking a group of Aboriginals. Approximately 60 Aboriginals were killed in this attack. Warrigal Creek is an area in Victoria, Australia. It was the place of one of the most brutal killings of the Aborigines in Australia. Warrigal Creek Due to the killing between the white settlers and the Aboriginals, The Warrigal Creek Massacre started. The Massacre was led by a Scotsman named Angus McMillan Although the number of deaths were unknown, it is said to be approximately 60-180 Aboriginals. Angus Mcmillan THE END!!:)
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