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No description

Areeba Ahmad

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Portfolio

Personal Profile
Name: Areeba Ahmad
True Colours
My true colour is gold. This matches my personality because I am organized and tend to plan out everything before I do anything. I am very helpful and even cooperative when it comes to group work. I am a good leader and able to set goals. Also I am very punctual and tend to do everything accurately. These characteristics make me a Gold person.
Portfolio of
Areeba Ahmad

Table of Contents
Section 1: Who am I?
Favourite Quotation
"We should wash our eyes often with tears so that we can see life with a clearer view."
Section 2: Academic Skills
Section 3: Career Planning
Section 4: Personal Involvement
Section 5: Teamwork/Leadership Skills/Family Responsibility Report
Place of Birth: Brampton, ON
Age: 15 years
Living in: Brampton, ON
Current School: Castlebrooke S.S
Previous School: Lincoln M. Alexander S.S
-become an Investment Banker
-receive good average in gr.10
This is a very inspirational quote. I have had this quote with me since grade 8. This quote teaches me that it is okay to make mistakes and that we should always learn from our mistakes. This relates to me because it doesn't make me feel really bad if I cry for something since I know there would be a lesson to be learn.
Academic Skills
Multiple Intelligences
Report Cards
Academic Awards
Technology Skills Reflection
Reference Letter
Academic Samples
Logical/Mathematical : 78%
Intrapersonal : 78%
Visual/Spatial : 78%
Interpersonal : 78%
Verbal/Linguistic : 41%
Musical : 34%
Bodily/Kinesthetic : 31%
Naturalist : 9%
Types of Intelligence Score
Here are my results for my multiple intelligences. As you can see my most dominant intelligence is logical and mathematical.
This intelligence fits my personality because a person who has logical and mathematical intelligence is very reasoning and good with mathematical problems. This suits me because I think very logically either depending on previous experiences or facts. Also, I am very good with mathematical problems and proof for this would be my great mathematics mark.
Some suitable occupations for me would be financial analyst, banker, accountant, engineer, researcher, mathematician, scientist and many more.
I am very good with computers and this is because I have put computers and technology into my everyday use. I use the computer for at least two hours a day. Using technology daily increases my knowledge with computers.
In the future, my experience with computers and knowledge of technology will help me in my career and personal life. This is because my dream job is to become an investment banker. For this I need to be able to use computers and other technological devices to complete my work. It is good to have some previous experiences so that I am able to complete any task with ease in the future. Also it is good because, the future is basically all about technology and as this technology increases, I should stay up-to-date so that I won't miss on anything special or important. For example, any new software which is released, I should always have some sort of knowledge or experience with it because it may help with any task in life, from presentation to party invitations.
Section 1 : Who Am I?
Section 2: Academic Skills
Section 3: Career Planning
High School Planner
Cover Letter
Job Applications
Career Cruising
Job Description:
Investment Banker
Earning voluntary professional designation can provide competitive advantage
- High school courses:
 Math
 Science
 English
 Business
- Entry-level position as analyst:
 Bachelor’s degree (minimum requirement)
 Degree in business, finance, accounting, economics
 Usually 4 years to complete
- To reach higher levels in responsibility:
 Need more education
 Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
 Full-time MBA takes 1-2 years to complete
- depending on education, experience, geographical location, and employer
Employability Skills
Managing Information
Using Numbers
Participating in Projects & Tasks
My top three employability skills:
If I were to get a job of an Investment Banker based on my three strongest employability skills, I probably would. This is because as an investment banker, it is really important to gather and organize information especially using technology, which is something I portray using my managing information skill. It is also very good to have this skill because after everything is organized, it will be easy to find material and one will save time.
Lastly, using my skill to participate in projects and tasks is helpful because it will make me successful when working in groups. Also, working as an investment banker, I will need to complete many different projects and tasks, for this I should be able to plan out and carry the project form the beginning to the end. This is something I am capable of doing which will make me successful in my career life.
Also, I will be successful using my number skills because investment banking is all about numbers. I have to have knowledge about what should be measured and then what should be calculated.
Section 4: Personal Involvement
Recognition Awards
Personal Involvement
I have previously participated in many different groups throughout my school years. Lately, I have started my volunteer experiences and one place where I have demonstrated good character would be at Math Tutoring.
Section 5: Teamwork/Leadership Skills/Family Responsibility Reports
Teamwork Work
Family Responsibilities
Since I am the eldest child at home, I have many responsibilities to fulfill. Some character traits which I portray include; organized, focused,neat, punctual, and hard-working.
Red Maple:
Our job was to complete reading a book and do a presentation on it. The presentations were for every class in the school, to promote the book we read.It went on for the entire year and it had to be done on our own time. In the end, there was a trip to Harbour Front.
Spelling Bee:
Our job was to compete within the group at our school and the winner would be able to go onto the provincials. I competed and came in 2nd place. Practices happened 2 times a week and there, we competed within groups, but words had to be memorized on our own time.
My job was to compete with other classes within the school on facts about Black History Month.It all happened on my own time, and there were no preparation sessions. I won, from the whole school and received a t-shirt. I was the main contestant answering the questions, but if I needed help for a question while the game is going on, I would ask my team for help, using lifelines.
Interview Questions
Example: some apply for Canadian Investment Manager (CMI) CSI (Canadian Securities Institute)
 Must pass three different exams and have at least 4 years of experience in the investment industry
 Requires 4 years bachelors or work experience requirements
Example: CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)
- Bringing $5 million of business, will get you a huge reward in the end
- Depend on two factors; individual performance, and overall profitability of company
- Bonuses: $10,000 - $100,000 / year
- Senior level/vice-president/director can earn $150,000 or more
- Associate’s base salary is $50,000 to $75,000
- Entry-level analysts earn a salary of $40,000 to $50,000
During school and even at home, I have to use my teamwork skills every time. I really improved my communication skills by talking in front of my team members.
This was my first Math test of grade 10, and I got perfect.
Some programs that I use daily in my life include Microsoft Word, Prezi, and also different types of social networks like Tumblr and Twitter. There are many different ways to use technology sometimes negative and sometimes positive. I tend to use technology only and only to complete my homework. I do not waste my time by playing games or any other useless activities which makes my use of computers and technology efficient.
Using my communication skills enhanced my teamwork skills because I was able to express my thoughts to my team members. Therefore, working in a team really enhances all of your skills.
In school, at the beginning of this course, we were given a group assignment of creating a poster on the "High Five Principles". This required me to use my teamwork skills by communicating effectively, listening to other's opinions, and also solving problems. I listened to my team's opinions and put them together to come to a conclusion. I make sure every conclusion includes everyone's thoughts and that everyone agrees to what we have come up with in the end.
There was a time where both of my parents used to work and I had to wake up every morning make breakfast and lunch for my siblings and myself. I had to be punctual and make sure I am able to do everything on time.
I have responsibilities of cooking dinner, washing the dishes, teaching my sister, helping my siblings with their homework and at the same time, I have the responsibility of completing my own work.
Negotiate other deals, corporate mergers, sales and acquisitions
Help companies raise money, by finding new investors and structuring deals
Analyze companies with financial problems
Act as deal-makers for large companies, providing advice and guidance on high level financial transactions.
I always make sure these qualities stay with me where ever I go so that I demonstrate a good character.
I am always on time and make sure I sign in. I keep track of when I come and for how long I stay there. I am always participating and helping any students who need help either with homework or don't understand any concept. I make sure the student understands what I say and do, and always ask if they have any doubts or concerns. I am responsible because I make sure the room is clean before I leave and make sure every student has their things.
The End
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