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Snow White and the Seven Psychological Disorders

No description

Danielle Cocco

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Snow White and the Seven Psychological Disorders

The fourth personality to develop was Doc. He had a speech disorder, and a severe problem speaking in front of others. He stuttered every time he talked. The fifth personality was Sneezy. He always believed he had an injury or sickness, and showed symptoms whether it was real or not. He was constantly sneezing.
Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess named Snow White. She lived in a magical castle with her father and mother, the King and Queen. But one day, her mother mysteriously died. Not even the greatest healer in the kingdom could save her, or figure out how or why she passed away.
Slowly, Snow White became paranoid. She was terrified that the Evil Queen would kill her too. Regina kept her locked away in the castle, and would often perform experiments on her in order to discover the secret to her beauty and youth. As a result, Snow White was constantly looking over her shoulder, having nightmares, and hallucinating. She would see visions of her parents telling her to run away from the wrath of the queen.
The first personality that she developed was named Sleepy. He was constantly tired, and would often fall asleep in random places. The second personality was Grumpy. He would often have outbursts of anger and destruction, and was constantly mad.
Snow White and the Seven Psychological Disorders
The king, overcome with grief, married again for a second chance at love. The woman's name was Regina. She seemingly loved the king with all her heart, but did not feel the same way about the princess, for Snow White was the fairest one of all.
The new queen was jealous of the love the king still had for his first wife. She could not live with the fact that he loved another woman more than he loved her, so she killed him with dark magic. He died mysteriously, just as his wife had years ago. Snow White was the only one in the land who knew the truth about her mother and fathers death. Everyone in the kingdom saw Regina as a kindhearted woman, and did not suspect her use of dark magic.
One day, after a particularly intense hallucination, Snow White ran away into the enchanted forest. After several weeks full of isolation and paranoia, Snow began to develop seven different personalities in order to cope with the traumatic events that she has faced.
The third personality's name was Happy. He was overly happy all the time, and had an extremely optimistic outlook on every situation he came across. However, he was prone to mood swings every few weeks and would become the polar opposite of his happy self.
The sixth personality was Bashful. He had a severe case of anthropophobia and social anxiety. He was constantly embarrassed and red in the face. He was afraid to be around people, and dreaded human interaction. The seventh and final personality was named Dopey. He was deathly afraid of beautiful women, and was shocked and stunned to silence every time one was in his presence.
Snow White interacted with her seven personalities every day, and at times they were more prominent than her own personality. One day, while she was in the forest, she came across a man. He had a bow and arrow, and was searching for deer. Snow White became paranoid immediately, fearing that the Evil Queen had sent him to kill her.
Snow White became so afraid of the Queen's wrath, her personalities completely took over. As Sleepy took over, she reverted into a sleep like state and stayed that way for a few days. Soon enough, Prince Charming found Snow laying on the forest floor. He was overcome by her beauty, and kissed her in an attempt to wake her.
Once she was awoken, he realized that she was in trouble. He placed her on his horse, and they rode into his kingdom. He promised to give her the help that she needs in order to defeat these seven personalities, and to protect her from the queen. This way they could live happily ever after.
The Psychological Disorders:

Snow White- paranoid schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder
Evil Queen- sociopath
Sleepy- narcoleptic
Grumpy- intermittent explosive disorder
Happy- bipolar (currently experiencing mania)
Doc- speech impediment
Sneezy- hypochondriac
Bashful- social anxiety, anthropophobia (fear of social interactions and human company)
Dopey- caligynephobia (fear of beautiful women)
Danielle Cocco, Ali Zavala,
Ashley Rakow, Tyler Endee
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