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Bellissimo Presentation


Asif Arshad

on 1 April 2017

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Transcript of Bellissimo Presentation

Presentation On IMC Campaign on Bellissimo
Our Ad policy
Direct Marketing
Sales Promotion
Paper Add
Interactive Marketing and Publicity
Welcome To Our
Omar asif ................2016210004003
Soheb Mahmud ....2016210004005
Rohul Amin ............2016210004068
Mehedi Hasab Bappy 2016210004009
Rakib Talukder .......2015210001039
Rashedul Hasan ....2016010004041
Bellissimo, a concern of Kazi Farms Group Ltd
The products they offer are:
Ice cream cups
Ice cream cones
Ice cream sticks
Ice cream sandwiches

Actually ad policy is very important for the product company because the money is related with these factors. SO the company must follow a strategy for their ad. In our ad perspective as the time duration of our ad is 1.20 min , so naturally our cost is very high. For these reason. at the first time we will decide there are five popular channels showing our ad in a weak. Every channel telecast our ad 20 per day. Than after one weak we will try to conscious our ad and at that time we will try to keep our ad time duration 50 sec and at the same time we will give our ad in all of the TV channel. We think it will be a more effective for the company

This is where the change begins to happen. Firstly, its important to mention that they have a highly active Facebook page and a website to prove their authenticity, which removes all local "fake/dui number" concerns in the consumers minds.

Bellissimo takes another route by opening their own "Premium" shop in Banani 11 named Cafe Bellissimo. The point of this seems to match the level of their premium brand to those of Movenpick, Cream & Fudge, and Club Gelato, who are their secondary competitors while re-enforcing that image by introducing original recipes for home and commercial use.

Thank You
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