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Molly Rowley

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Madagascar

Sports! Population: 17,308,000!
Capital: Antananarivo
Language: French, Malagasy
Religion: Indigenous beliefs,
Christian, Muslim
Area: 587,041 square kilometers
(226,658 square miles) 5 Quick Facts The highest mountain in Madagascar
is called Maromokotro. And the hight
is 2500 metres! Latatude and
Longatude: -14.023 / 48.968

Second highest is Andranofito.
With the hight of 1,752 m.
Latatude and Longatude: -19.767 / 47.417

And the third highest is Vohimanga.
The hight is 1,038 m.
Latatude and Longatude: -24.053 / 45.502 Mountains! The Seas Around Madagascar Seas around Madagascar:

Indian Ocean- Located to the East of Madagascar.
The Indian Ocean can vary in warmth, sometimes it is warm, sometimes it is quite cold.

Mozambique Channel- Located to the North/West
of Madagascar.
The Mozambique Channel is quite warm, and
it flows south. How Madagascar was found Madagascar sports include: Athletics, Football, Boxing, Judo, Tennis, Basketball
and many other games. From high school to the national level, the sports
of Madagascar are practiced by many people of Madagascar. All you need to know
about Madagascar! All about Madagascar! An explorer, called Diego Dias found Madagascar in the 1500s.

Following the prehistoric breakup, Madagascar split from India around 88 million years ago. Allowing native plants and animals to evole in isolation... Their football flag Thankyou for
listening to our presentation!
Hope you
enjoyed it!!
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