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iMarch: Immigration Reform and Social Media

No description

Josh Barber

on 6 August 2013

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Transcript of iMarch: Immigration Reform and Social Media

March for Innovation

Immigration Reform
Currently 11 million undocumented immigrants (Florido, 2013)
Many brought to the U.S. as children
Comprehensive immigration reform
Undocumented immigrants
(especially students)
Immigration reform advocates
Backlash/resistance from anti-immigrant movement, conservatives
Response from Government
Progress, setbacks, and future outlook
Coverage from Media
Organizational Structure
ABC News
(2013, May 29)
(2013, May 20)
(2013, May 30)
Immigration Reform
All across social media
(Washington Post, 2013)
(Huffington Post, 2013, May 26)
(ninesixteen, 2013)
Virtual march begins
...and continues
A bipartisan group of advocates
Participation from politicians
Barack Obama retweets
Jeb Bush
John McCain advocating for immigration reform
Deferred Action program/policy
Deferred Action under threat
(Twitter, 2013a)
(CA Dream Network, 2013)
(Define American, 2013)
Reform Immigration FOR America (RI4A)
(Center for Community Change, 2009)
(March for Innovation, 2013b)
(March for Innovation, 2013a)
(Pinterest immigration, 2013)
(mateoinexile, 2013)
(2009superglide, 2013)
(kssturgis62, 2013)
(Tumbler #immigration search, 2013)
Comment on thenation.com article "What's next for the dreamers?"
Huffington Post
San Francisco Chronicle
Fox News Latino
(March for Innovation, n.d.)
(Marshall, 2013)
(Haberman, 2013)
(Google News, 2013)
(Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), 2012)
(Hesson, 2013)
(Aristimuno, 2013)
(Lederman, 2013)
(Reddit, 2013)
(Twitter, 2013a)
(Twitter, 2013a)
(Twitter, 2013a)
(Twitter, 2013a)
(Twitter, 2013a)
(Twitter, 2013a)
(Twitter, 2013a)
(Twitter, 2013b)
(whitehouse, 2013)
(Johnson, 2013)
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