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handwriting analysis

No description

Natalie Belousov

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of handwriting analysis

Slanting If Your Writing Slants…

To the right: You are open to the world around you and like to communicate.

To the left: You generally like to work alone.

Not at all: You tend to be logical and practical. Letter Size If the Size of Your Letters Is…

Large: You have a big personality. It may suggest that you are outgoing

Small: You can concentrate easily. You tend to be shy.

Average: You are well-adjusted and adaptable. Loops Closed for L: This implies tenseness, that you are restricting yourself in some way.

Full for L: You are spontaneous and relaxed.

Closed for E: You tend to be skeptical and are not moved by emotional arguments.

Full for E: You have an open mind and enjoy trying new things. The Art of Graphology Handwriting Analysis The Origin of Graphology Script can expess the impulses of an individual.

It is possible to identify relevant features of the handwritten script, and how they interact to analyze one's personality.

This practice began with the Chinese. Through the centuries it became a useful tool to tell someone's talents and potential. Pressure Heavy Pressure: Commitment and seriousness.
Add Vertical Slant: Strong emotions.

Excessively Heavy: React quickly to what they might see as criticism.

Light Pressure: Sensitivity to atmosphere.
Add Left Slant: Strives to avoid emotional situations.

Average Pressure: One who keeps his or her wits. Upper Zone of Cursive Letters Tall upper strokes: Reaching toward goals.

Proportioned upper loops: Thinks things through.

Wider upper zone loops: Continuously dreaming up ideas.

Upstroke goes up, then down on itself: Squeezing out imagination just enough to get things done. Lower Zone Loops Straight Stroke: Impatience.

Thin and Narrow Lower Stroke: Avoidance of confrontation.

Full Loop With Heavy Pressure: Energy/money making possibilities sought out.

Full Loop with Light Pressure: A need or wish for security. Word Spacing Wide Spacing Between Words: Claustrophobia

Narrow Spaces: Want to be with others. Line Spacing Wide Spaced: Withdrawn

Closely Spaced: Close to action Page Margins Showing Thought processes. If you have...

Writing in Left Margin: Beginnings/Family
Right Margin: Other People and Future
Top: Goals and Ambitions
Foot of page: Energy/Instincts
Narrow Margins: Impatience
Wide margins: Interest moves quickly S If your esses are...
Round: People Pleaser
Pointy: Like to study new things
Open at Bottom: You do not follow your dreams
Printed: You are versatile A QUICK BROWN FOX

A quick brown fox
jumps over the lazy dog (Please write in cursive) I Can't Write Correctly! Don't fret if you don't write the way you were taught.
There's no one correct way to write.
Your personality and mood affects it, so you never will write the way you were taught, and it's rare that you ever did.
You always add your own tidbits to the letters. To Begin Analysis... Thank you for WATCHING and LISTENING!!! Natalie Belousov Thank you for
watching and listening!!!
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