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Logic Review

Review of Logic. Statements, negations, conjunctions, disjunctions, conditionals,, biconditionals

Nicole Sapienza

on 19 August 2012

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Transcript of Logic Review

AND Truth Table: Logic Conditional Conjunctions Disjunctions The study of reasoning The Basics Open Sentence: Can't tell if it is
True of False Statement or Closed Sentence Can be judged as
True or False Truth Value: A statement is either
True (T) or False (F) A table that organizes outcomes of the truth values Negation: NOT Both values must be true Or Only one value has to be True ~ Has opposite truth value If...Then FALSE only when the
first statement is True and
the second is False
T --> F = F Biconditional If and only if True when both statements
have the exact same true value
T <--> T
F <--> F
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