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SEM Team 1 Presentation

No description

Casey Reid

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of SEM Team 1 Presentation

Taking Off with Initiatives! SEM Team 1: Persistence Starting Stats Fall-to-Spring Persistence: 70.93%
Fall-to-Fall Retention: 47.32%
3-yr FT Graduation: 15.26% (high of 21%)
3-yr FT Transfer: 24.66%
3-yr PT Graduation: 10.63%
3-yr PT Transfer: 1.36% Process and Initial Insights Divided into FYE, SYE, and Academic and Student Support:

Scan of literature into promising and high-impact practices
Phone calls and emails to peer institutions
MCC is doing some great work--in pockets Themes Overall: Retention Team + Predictive Modeling
Academic advising: intentional and intrusive
Pedagogy: COLL100, learning communities, and service-learning
Communication: early reporting/alert, degree progress, SAP
District-wide program expansion: ABLE, TRIO, GEARS
Support and connections: Peer Leader, Student Mentoring program and parent support structures
Completion agenda: completion-oriented activities Priorities and Progress Retention Team: Early Alert, Peer Leader and Mentoring programs, and Supplemental Instruction
Project Success Coordinator: TRIO programs--Veterans Upward Bound (VUB)
College Orientation Coordinator: COLL100-English and math Linkages and Peer Leader program
Director of Student Success: Newsletters in restrooms, parent-family involvement, academic advising training
Other SEM implementation teams Other Directions "Positive institutional climate for diversity": Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with more special populations programs
Faculty professional development: Center for Teaching and Learning on every campus
High school collaboration and coordination Future Sights Will take 3-5 years to begin to see gains in persistence, retention, graduation, and transfer rates
Ready to go bigger!
Bring the retention puzzle pieces together=coordinate!
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