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What Is Art?

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ciara ciara

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of What Is Art?

What Is Art?
What art means to me
Personnally, I think art is...
Unusual visual art
There are many different types of art, some unusual and interesting...
My Favorite Types of Art
A way of expressing your emotions to the world...
During Picasso's blue period, he painted all of his paintings using various shades of blue, which showed the world he was depressed.
Like sidewalk Chalk
And Surrealism
First of all, What isn't Art???
Art is always man made
These trees in Stanley park are NOT art.
However, this painting of trees is art.
What Art Means to Me
Unusual Art
My Favourite Types of Art
A Form of Sharing your passions, talents and interests
These artists are sharing their talents through Dance.
Monet showed he enjoyed the outdoors by painting many gardens in his artwork.
These artists all showed their interests through paintings.
Sharing Experiences and Memories
Whether you speak English or Korean we can all relate to art, it's another language that we all speak.
When people go on vacation, many paint pictures of where they've been to share memories with friends and family.
Mondrian presented order by making colourful grids in contrast to the chaos after world War II.
Many people paint pictures of their childhood memories so they can be cherished for their entire lives.
People often paint pictures of themselves doing fun things for memories.
Perspective Drawings
Chalk Art
What Art Can Do
Everyday, artists inspire people all across the globe.
Every type of art has the potential to inspire many.
Change People's Moods
Art can change the way people feel.
Here are some examples of artist trying to make the viewer feel...
What art can do
Thank You
Thanks for watching my prezi presentation!!!
That Is Art
To me, art is always.....
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