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1984 Reflection

No description

Olivia Zarraluqui

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of 1984 Reflection

1984 Reflection
Looking at the details
Main Idea
Why does Orwell write 1984? What is his overall purpose?
Style & Structure
Modern Philosophy
How does Orwell achieve his message?
This is an ideological novel that serves as a warning of the dangers the ideology of communist dictatorship poses to our basic human freedoms.

Orwell's political convictions come from the political climate of the early to mid 20th century in Europe.
Orwell feared that life lived in a communist dictatorship would necessarily erode the basic qualities of humanity.

Without oppressing people's basic human instincts and behaviors, the dictatorship could not survive.
Orwell creates a modern dystopia by inverting the very philosophies presented by Sir Thomas More in his Utopia. This ironic twist emphasizes his warning that collectivism leads to horror, not paradise.
Orwell incorporates many of the fundamental values of Modernist artists, writers and philosophers in this novel to communicate his fear and warning: distrust of modern institutions, lack of faith in humanity, sense of powerlessness, hopeless condition of man, questioning traditions and norms, experimenting with forms and style, abstraction of reality, subjectivity of truth and perception
Big Brother
Big Brother
The Glass Paper Weight
The human face stamped by the boot
the journal
mathematical equation
Room 101
O'Brian's flat
Creation of a new, more limited language (Newspeak)
Irony (dramatic, verbal, situation, cosmic)
Details of the dystopia
Intertextuality - Goldstein's Book
Use of flashback and dreams
Tone of opening vs. closing
point of view
Isolation and Loneliness
Abuse of Power
Language and Freedom
Privacy and Freedom
Individualism vs. Collectivism
Political choices and complacency have effects such as...
These are ideas that take shape in the satire of a literary form
.....a literary form that expresses a philosophy
....a philosophy inspired by a political reality
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