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Samsung Galaxy Marketing

No description

Monica Vuong

on 6 September 2014

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Transcript of Samsung Galaxy Marketing

Monica -Nick - Louise
Emma - Anh -Nhat
Louise - Khanh GALAXY “The Next Big Thing” - Highlight the differences between the Galaxy SIII and the new Apple iPhone 5

- Does not show Apple logos or mention Apple’s name

- Emphasizes the real differences that smartphone users care about, like screen size and file sharing

- Youtube : 71.8 million views - the most viewed hi-tech advert in 2012
“Designed For Humans” - "Inspired by Nature"

- "It understands you, share's what's in your heart, keeps track of loved ones, recognises
who you are, follows your every move"

- Differentiate the phone by conveying the message that it enhances the interaction
between the device and its owner with a number of product features

- Marketers use the emotional connection for the first time to truly demonstrate how the
new phone can help people get the best out of life Core Target Markets - Existing Samsung Galaxy customers (focus of converting 80% of existing Galaxy users to the latest version)

- Non-brand loyal consumers of competitors
(securing between 5-10% market share of competitor’s existing customers.)

-Young professionals who want to stay connected & people with a disposable income Marketing Objectives To produce an innovative TV & printed campaign that encourages current and new mobile users to immediately upgrade to the latest model by creating desire & relation to the phone’s features making Samsung Galaxy the number one smart phone in the eyes of the consumer. MARKETING SPENDINGS Marketing Strategies - $401 million on US TV, internet, print, and billboard advertising in 2012

-$10 million for a 3-week Facebook ad campaign -> made $129 million in sales

- Celebrity advertisements

- Samsung Galaxy 3 - official phone of the London Olympic Games 2012 MARKETING MIX Product Price Promotion Place Thank You - More than 40 Galaxy models

- Low to high-end

- "comfort, simplicity and sophistication"

- Innovative features - Broad price range

- Reasonable and affordable prices

- Pricing strategy: cutting the price of its smartphones in order to keep sales at peak

- Samsung uses different the promotion tools across different media platforms to promote its smartphones - Various distribution channel

- Distribute to different telecommunications company like Vodafone, internet partners such as Amazon or other carriers like Tesco supermarket

- Pop-up Samsung retail stores
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