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No description

David McMullen

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of #SimpliWAW

David McMullen
@simpliflying :: @simpliMcMullen
“The State of Industry Report
- Airport Marketing &
the Social Media Outlook 2013”

39% of people who bought books from Amazon said they had looked at the book in a bookstore before buying it from Amazon.
How can you win?
Sales grew 30%!
Go beyond
the storefront
Keep Focus!
Download: SimpliFlying.com
Keep in touch: david@simpliflying.com
@simpliFlying :: FB.com/SimpliFlying
Milart Designer Bead
Sell! Sell! Sell!
Use the right tools in the age of Connected Traveller
Different tools for different customers
Going beyond Facebook
CRM = Cult Relationship Management
Focus on the $$
Smaller sells first, then big
Go for the top
Avoid IT
Work with agencies
Go beyond the "Like" - speak the CFO lingo!
Load Factors
Agencies often have limited aviation knowledge - complement them
Educate them better - an aviation point person at FB?
Work with SimpliFlying for joint thought leadership and training - for airlines, and even internally!
So what do airport
marketers need to know?

Dreaming on Pinterest
Click on your friend's face to book!
Influencers get in free!
All common statements...
It's costly - & we have
no budget!
There's too much negative sentiment!
It doesn't work!
We have a FB page & Twitter account - we're doing well!
and the list goes on....
Can today's airports inspire travellers?
Can they become traveller-friendly spaces, creating memorable travel experiences that are shared widely by travellers on their online networks?
In fact many already are.....
It's just for kids!
It's time to go beyond the likes!.....
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