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Classroom Discussion on Magnets

Monica Swartzentruber

on 14 April 2011

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Transcript of Magnets

39+47= Conductors Insulators I learned how to think creatively.
-Kassie Group 1:
Kassie, Charles, Monet 34+27 7x3=21 You could have the students
develop their own "radio" problem,
using the number sentence given.
It develops speaking skills as opposed
to cartoon skills. The problem could be on
the video for easy access
and visibility. This model the students could just be telling about their problem using models/ paper and pencil etc. If each student was able to do their own, they could tell one thing that they learned or one connection that they made beside their movie. An idea that we had
was to use this platform as a voicethread.Each video could be a class. The reasoning was
because we don't want them to create a profile this late in the year, so we could get their thinking and then view the whole prezi as a class.
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