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Mining Toolkit

No description

Zoi Environment Network

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Mining Toolkit

Local mining conflicts frequently cause severe problems for the planning, decision-making and legal institutions, and among local communities. This toolkit promotes environmentally and socially responsible mining that increases the chances for acceptance by local populations through conflict prevention. The rationale for using a participatory approach to project development is that those who participate in the decision-making process are more likely to embrace the outcomes. 

A well-designed participatory approach accounts for local conditions, and identifies all potential participants, invites them to join the process and ensures that they have the opportunity to express their needs, expectations and concerns. BONUS 1
MAPPING This toolkit proposes a systematic approach to making and using maps of various types – – to advance the mine development process. To one degree or another, all of the maps are intended to be analytical, to communicate relevant information and to serve as a basis for policy making.  BONUS 2
MEDIATION ...are widely used approaches in natural resource management around the world – and in the mining sector. In most cases, however, these approaches are used separately, often by different stakeholders. The toolkit integrates these approaches to achieve the maximum benefit that each offers.  A good situational analysis helps
a mining company understand how the effects of a project are likely play out in its specific location, and to anticipate where conflicts may arise.  An effective participatory process therefore begins with When conflicts nevertheless arise,
the tool we want is conflict mediation.  MINING TOOLKIT CONFLICTS COST. BE RESPONSIBLE.
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