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Copy of Explain Any Topic

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Lycurgus Lines

on 20 April 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Explain Any Topic

- Players like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemons (Steroid users) were revolutionary in terms of popularity
- These players were iconic to the league in terms of sales as well
- As we see in the chart the biggest leap in attendance occurred around the mid 1990s, the highest point of the steroid era. (Pinto)
- We will never see this type of impact in the Major League ever again. Ignoring the generation of ball players that were crucial to the development of the MLB would be a clear-cut mistake.
Should Steroid users from the steroid era be considered for the Baseball Hall of Fame
The Reason Why Cheaters and Drug Users should Be allowed in the Hall of Fame of Baseball
By: Lycurgus Lines
The Stats are too good to ignore!
Barry Bonds and Roger Clemons have shown us the possible rewards of cheating. These players have combined for 25 all-star games, 8 MVP’s and the honor of all those awards being tainted with steroid use.
Everyone is cheating, so it is okay.
These are iconic and legendary numbers that need to be in the Hall of Fame
I do not agree with the previous opinions. In no way am I okay with the complete ignorance of ethics and integrity. Our children need to know the importance of playing sports the right way. I believe that what we teach our children will directly affect their life goals and how they live their professional life in the future. These players who have partaken in PED use should not be inducted into the Hall of Fame because they are horrible role models for the future baseball players of the MLB.
Former player
- Steroid user himself
- Known advocate of
PED users in the hall of fame
- Everyone was doing it so it is acceptable
- He is a former player so he knows more than everybody else
Jose Canseco
Jerry Rice, Hall of Fame receiver, used an illegal substance on his gloves to enhance his abilities... because everyone else was doing it.
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