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Georgia Caitlin

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of BYOD

Software types for College.
As a group we have recognized that one of the problems of maintenance B.Y.O.D is getting all the Apps & software needed for bringing your device to school . So here is a list compiled of most of the recomended software.
Microsoft soft wares (word, publisher, powerpoint).
Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome.
Anti virus software
Libre office
Read Cube
Deep Dyve
Audio Notetaker
Bench Prep
Tips to saving Memory and Space.
Delete unwanted apps and extra softwares.
Avoid purchasing apps and softwares that take up a lot of space and memory.
Delete history and past apps and softwares you have been on.
Photos and videos take up a lot of space, and long videos will lag alot, so delete unwanted ones.
Just the same as photo and videos, emails take up memory and space.
Saving battery will also help at saving memory.
Close uninuse browsers.
Tip to saving Battery Life.
By Georgia, Donna, Tiare, Caitlin, Paige
What Is The Purpose of Bringing Your Own Devices to School?

The purpose of bring your own device to school is to help with the following issues
There is not enough computers or devices avaliable for everyone.
Devices that are avaliable can only be used in one class because thay are not portable.
The software costs the school.
So if the majority of students brought their own devices it would solve a lot problems and would be able to be used in many classrooms to help students with their learning.

Keep your bluetooth off unless in use.
Keep wifi off unless needed.
Use headphones when listening to music.
Make screen dimmer.
Turn BYOD device off when not in use.
Apps running in the background need to be turned off.
Mobile data also should be turned off when not in use.
Some devices have a power saving mode if you do turn it on.
Turn off your GPS, you shouldn;t need it but if you o turn it off when you aren't using it.
Switch off vibrate unless you really need it.
Delete widgets you don't need.
When you do charge your device, charge it fully so you don't drain the battery.
Set your timeout time to the shortest you personally can have it.

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