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Earth compositional layers

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Transcript of Earth compositional layers

The mantle is located between the core and the crust. It is a region of hot, slow-flowing, solid rock. When convection takes place in the mantle, cooler rock sinks and warmer rock rises. Convection is the movement of matter that results from differences in density caused by variations in temperature. Scientists can learn about the mantle by observing mantle rock that has risen to Earth´s surface. The mantle is denser than the crust. It contains more magnesium and less aluminum and silicon than the crust does.
The outermost solid layer of Earth is the crust. There are two types of crust:
The core extends from below the mantle to the center of Earth. Scientists think that the core is made mostly up of iron and some nickel. Scientists also think that it contains much less oxygen, silicon, aluminum, and magnesium than mantle does. The core is the densest layer. It makes up about one-third of Earth´s mass.
Earth Compositional Layers
-Continental crust
-Oceanic Crust
Both types are made mainly of the elements of the oxygen, silicon, and aluminum. However, the denser oceanic crust has almost twice as much iron, calcium, and magnesium. These elements form minerals that are denser than those in the continental crust.
Earth Physical Layers
Outer Core
Inner Core
The outermost, rigid layer of Earth is the lithosphere. The lithosphere is made of two parts:
-The crust
-The upper part of the mantle.
The lithosphere is divided into pieces called tectonic plates.
The Asthenosphere is a layer of weak or soft mantle that is made of rock that flows slowly. Tectonic plates move on top of this layer.
The strong, lower part of the mantle is called the mesosphere. Rock in the mesosphere flows more slowly than rock in tha asthenosphere does.
Outer Core
The outer core is the liquid layer of the Earth´s core. It lies beneath the mantle and surrounds the inner core.
Inner Core
The inner core is the solid, dense center of our planet that extends from the bottom of the outer core to the center of Earth, which is about 6,380 km beneath the surface.
Summering, Earth can be like this:
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