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Chains By Laurie Halse Anderson

Book Project for Mrs. Love Jones

Sophie Sloan

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Chains By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chains By Laurie Halse Anderson Book Project by Sophie Sloan Setting and Time This book takes place in New York City during the
beginning of the Revolutionary War. To be more specific, it takes place in May, 1776 to January 1777. Most of the story takes place in or around the Lockton's house on the coast of New York City. Main Character The main character is Isabel Lockton. She is a slave
working for Master and Madame Lockton. Isabel is around 13 years old and has a younger sister named Ruth. She is extremely protective of Ruth and would do anything for her. When Ruth is sold by the Locktons, Isabel runs away with another slave named Curzon to try and find her and gain their freedom. Isabel is strong-minded, willful, and stubborn. Other Character Curzon Bellingham is a slave working for the
Bellinghams. He and Isabel develop an interesting relationship, as they live near each other and see each other a lot. Curzon is constantly trying to impress Isabel and get her to notice him, but he really annoys Isabel and she tries to avoid him. When Master Bellingham
sends Curzon off to fight in the Revolutionary
war in his place, Curzon gets really excited. He's tired
of New York City and wants to get out. Unfortunately,
Curzon is captured by the British and imprisoned in
a jail near Isabel's house. She breaks him out of prison to help her find Ruth. Curzon is smart, curious, brave, and funny. He's also stubborn, but not nearly as stubborn as Isabel. Main Conflict The main conflict in this book is
Isabel trying to protect her sister,
Ruth, from Madame Lockton's wrath. Ruth is prone to seizures,which Madame Lockton interprets as signs that she is possessed. After
Ruth has a really bad seizure right in the middle of a fancy dinner party, Madame Lockton sends her away to the country. Isabel freaks out and begins making plans to run away and rescue Ruth. However, Madame Lockton seems to realize that, so she is constantly keeping Isabel busy and unable to make plans or run away. Climax The Climax of the story is when Isabel breaks Curzon out of jail and they run out of New York City together. This is the climax because the whole story has been building up to Isabel running away
to find Ruth and become free. I was kind of surprised reading this because I didn't expect her to rescue Curzon and take him with her. Theme The theme of this book is freedom.
The whole book revolves around
Isabel running away from her
masters to free herself and Ruth. Also,
Curzon is trying to free himself from
prison. Another thing that makes me
think the theme is freedom is that it is set
during the Revolutionary War. During the
Revolutionary War, the Americans were
fighting for freedom from the British. Favorite Scene My favorite scene was Isabel's
first escape attempt. Right as she
was walking out the door, she was
busted by Madame Lockton. Madame
Lockton threatens to beat her, so Isabel
grabs a nearby painting off the wall and
slams it on Madame Lockton's head.
Madame Lockton's head went through
the painting, and she started screaming
because she couldn't get it off. This scene was
ironic and funny because Madame Lockton
has a record of owning well-behaved and
obedient slaves, then Isabel breaks that record
by attempting to run away, and shoving
Madame Lockton's head through a painting. The chain and shackles is an image for this book beacuse Isabel always compares slavery to being bound by a chain and shackle. The flying dove is an image
for this book because Isabel
always compares being free
to being like a dove flying
through the air. This is the book. This is the second book,
which is about
what Isabel and
Curzon do after they
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