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Semiotic Analysis: Popchips Ad

No description

on 8 December 2015

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Transcript of Semiotic Analysis: Popchips Ad

Semiotic Analysis
The Rest of the Text
The Genre
The genre for this advertisement is a food advertisement for Popchips. Popchips are marketed as a different, healthier form of a potato chip. Katy Perry has been an endorser for the product since 2012. The ad uses humor to get the message across. The creators were trying to reach their consumers in a light-hearted way. The humor in the advertisement is connected through the headline and the photograph. There is a double meaning with the words "Nothing fake about 'em", talking about the product but also showing humor through the placement of the product near the celebrity's breast. Katy Perry's expression in the ad indicates her body language as playful to go along with the humor.
Popchips Ad
Signifier and Signified
Wider Public Context
There is often coverage in the media about female celebrities and whether or not their breasts are real, or were enhanced with implants. Katy Perry, the celebrity in this advertisement, has been scrutinized by the media who claim she had plastic surgery on her breasts. Katy Perry, however, strongly and continually defends herself, saying that she does not have implants. Therefore, she was carefully chosen as the subject for this advertisement, since people might question the "all natural" aspect of Popchips as they do with Katy Perry. Those who do not understand who Katy Perry is or have heard media coverage about her breasts might not understand the ad as much. It would be less effective for those people to understand the context fo this ad and why Katy Perry is the woman used.
The color scheme of this advertisement is blue. Blue can often symbolize confidence, and in this case, it would indicate the confidence the makers of Popchips have about their product being all natural and tasting good. They are conveying to consumers that their product isn't "fake" or "phony" and that Popchips are healthier than other choices for snacks.
Celebrity and Writing
Katy Perry, a pop singer, is used in this advertisement as a celebrity endorsement. She is well known and recognizable to a general audience. She is looking directly at the headline in the top left corner. This is the place most people look first when they see an advertisement, and her eyes looking at it draws the audience to look at it first, also. The words are written in a white, sans serif font which makes it easy to read and portrays that the product is new, modern, and different.
"Nothing Fake About 'Em"
: The Popchips are explained in the ad as all natural and are not "fake". They are popped and never fried or baked.

: There is a metaphor between the Popcorn chips and Katy Perry's breasts because of the placement of the product in the photograph. She is holding the bag of Popchips over her breasts, which is a play on words about the chips being "all natural" and her breasts.
Facial Expression
: She has a happy and fun expression with her mouth opened. She is looking up and to the left, where the headline for the ad is.

: Her facial expression helps indicate the genre for the advertisement, which is humor, because of her body language and how she looks. Her expression appears playful and light-hearted, helping the audience understand
Katy Perry
: Katy Perry is the celebrity used in this ad. She is a famous pop singer and is easily recognizable to many people. She is holding the product, a bag of Popchips, over her chest.

: Katy Perry was chosen for this ad because the media has scrutinized whether or not her her breasts are real or fake, and she has stood by the claim that they are real. This relates to the Popchips being "all natural", comparing it to her breasts.
By Emma Blauvelt
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