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Justin Bieber

My (Janelle) Husband

Janelle Blaise

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber
I Hope You Guys Change Your Mind About Him When Your Done Reading This ENJOY :)
Why I Think Justin Bieber Is A Leader
I Think Justin Bieber is A Good Leader Because He Shows People With Hard Work And Determination You Can Reach Your Goals. He Would Also Make A Good Leader Because Even Though He's Rich and Famous (and taken ) He Takes Time To Help Others.For Example:He Took Part In Recording We Are The World 25 For The Haiti Earthquake And He Also Donated 300,000 Dollars To Charity And On Valentines Day He Suprised A 6 Year Old Girl Who Had Brain Cancer In New york Where He Spent Time Playing Board Games And Having Tea Parties And Eating Cupcakes Etc. That's Showing Leadership. People Think He is A Bad Person But People Who Say Those Negative Things About Him (Stanley) need to look Deeper And See The Real Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why I Love Him
* the fact that he sings about OUR love
Justin Bieber
Justin Drew Bieber Was Born March 1st 1994 in Ontario,Canada But Raised in Atlanta,Georgia. His Nicknames Are JBiebs, Bieber, And Beebs (I Love Them).He Has A Dog Named Sam.He Has A Half Brother And A Half Sister. His Favorite Hobbies Are Soccer , Hockey and Singing Me Too. His Best Friend Is Ryan Butler. His Favorite Color Is Purple O.M.G. Me Too.His Favorite Foods Are Spaghetti And Meatballs And Tacos. His Favorite Number Is 6. His Favorite Drink Is Orange Juice. His Favorite Movie Is The Rocky Series I don't Know This Movie But Me too.His Favorite Dessert Is Apple Pie Mines Too. Me And Justin Have So Much In Common.
* He Can Sing !!!!!!!!!!!!!
* he's cute
*he's caring
*Stanley he does not care what people say about him
*he's lovable
*his smile
* his laugh
*his abs
Thank You guys For Watching hope you enjoyed:)
email me at janelleblaise@yahoo.com to keep in touch with me when i move :(
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