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Thank You, Comma-gin!

4th grade comma lesson

Danielle Cohen

on 6 April 2015

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Transcript of Thank You, Comma-gin!

once upon a time there was a daring boy named jack who had a cow named milky white every autumn day jack would wake up put on a scarf and carry the milk to the market one day jack was in despair because his nightmare came true milky white could not prepare any milk he didn't know how to repair the situation and all he could do was glare at everyone who asked where the milk was then jack decided to go to the library instead Now let's practice! Now let's look at some real-life examples What do you already know about commas? The President lives in Washington, D.C.

Chicago, Il is popular among tourists.

Brashear, MO Example #2: Let's take a look at some comma rules... Do NOT use a comma to... What is the comma rule? Example #1 Andrea does not like asparagus, peas, or squash.
Rock, jazz, country, and classical are different types of music.
Eddie walked down the corner, looked at the ruined poster, and shrugged. Commas separate three or more words in a series
Comma goes after every word in the series except the last one (even before the "and"!) What is the rule? Rule #1: SERIES Separate the elements in an address Rule #2: City and State Example #3: Jacob, would you please take out the trash?
Never fear, Sarah, I won't let you down.
I promise this won't happen again, Mrs. Lewis.
What's the rule? Rule #3: Direct Address -Set off the name of a person or people being
spoken to Dates On July 20, 1969 Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Separate elements in a date.
typically between the day (number) and year
If there's only a month and a year, no comma is needed. Example #4 She started kindergarten on Wednesday, August 27, 2003. NOT AN EXAMPLE:
My parents met in July 1986. WHAT'S THE RULE? Example #5 Interjection and Introductions Yes, I would like some ice cream.
After school, Janet will walk the dog.
Hey, let's go play kickball.
No, I am staying home tonight. Who knows the rule? Beginning of sentences

Interjection: "Yes" or "No" begins the sentence

Introductory words: Does not express a strong emotion or feeling
(Well, Hey, After school, In conclusion) - Separate the subject from the predicate
Ex: Getting to school, can be
difficult X Getting to school can be difficult Don't put it between two
sentence verbs - She walked out of the room, and started screaming about the grade on her essay. -She walked out of the room and started screaming about the grade on her essay. X So, what is a comma? What does it do? , -Used to indicate a pause and separates sentences
-Inside sentence or end of incomplete sentence And just for fun.... There should always be a comma between your city and state Thank you, Comma-gin!
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