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You Hyun Jeong

on 22 February 2010

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Transcript of Mountains

Do you know how
mountains are formed?

Mountains are formed
when sand or mud falls
in to the bottom of the
sea.Then, the layer of
the mud turns to rocks.
The rocks pushes up and
the sea gets smaller.
After that, the rocks
jagg into shapes above
the sea. That is when
a mountain starts.

Do you know how
mountains grow?

Mountains grow
lower and smoother. Do you know if mountains
are getting taller?

Answer - No
Wind and rain pushes
mountains down.

Answer - Yes
Some mountains are growing
two inches per year.

Do you know why there's
snow on top of mountains?

When mountains have water on top beacause it had rain, the water frezzes to snow. Do you know how mountains
changes over time and what
effects do these change have?

Rain , wind and ice can wear
away mountains.
Mountains grow two inches
every year. Do you know if there is mountains under oceans? By Amy Jeong The highest mountain is Mt.Everest what wind does what rain does what snow does
Answer - Yes
Mountains form by mud and sand from the bottom of the ocean. what kind of animals live
in mountains? mountain goat mountain deer mountain llama mountain bird mountain leopard The biggest mountain range is Himalaya
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