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The Crucible Presentation

AP English 3 Period:3

Liz Sanchez

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of The Crucible Presentation

Messages From The Crucible
By: Cambria, Harman, Liz, and Sahil
At times, everybody's lives can be evolved in a lie which leads to serious consequences. As a result, people claim no one should end up lying, but if the lie helps somebody, then it maybe forgiven. However, after reading
The Crucible
, I learned this statement can be proven false. Elizabeth Proctor was an innocent woman who became a victim of the trials. Instead of trying to save herself, she spoke a lie to the Court in order to save her husband John. "Is your husband a lecher!" "No sir." "Remove her, Marshal." Act three lines 957-959. She let go of her innocence in order to save John, but she got caught up in the lie which lead to her remaining in prison and further questioning of her husband John. Simply, a lie can lead a person's life from happiness to misery willing or unwillingly, and there is also somebody who may be affected from a lie.
The origins of the Puritan society started to evade the religious persecution of the European World, yet their idea of a society soon exposed many flaws of human nature. The entire society was ruled under the idea of theocracy, which made the church and government one. This was great at first, until the society started to see the first signs of corruption. 'Theology, sir, is a fortress.' (Hale, Act Two) explains how the choices and decisions of those involved with theological community can cause the worst kind of suffering and misery humans can endure. Religious leaders used only parts of the Bible to exploit those within the society. By the Puritan church getting involved with the Salem Witch Trials, like in The Crucible, it exposed that all institutions are open to corruption, no matter how “pure” and “holy” they may seem. This is truly eye opening at first glance, but with deeper thinking it just shows that no one is above temptations of human nature, regardless of who they are or seem to be.
"Because it is my name. Because i cannot have another in my life! Because i lie and sign myself to lies" Ones name is much more than the words printed on a birth certificate or the literal meaning of the name. A name is symbolic. A name is something that can never be taken from you. More importantly a name plays a huge role in how you are viewed in the eyes of the public. For example, if someone is known for always lying and being untrustworthy, their name will hold little value and have little influence over his/her peers. On the other hand if someone is trustworthy and powerful their name will be enough to persuade others. This was on full display in The Crucible. Judge Danforth was a prominent figure and had the final word on sentencing innocent people to death. His name and the power it held allowed him to do so without much opposition. Proctors name was also well known and untainted. This is what drove him him to hide his affair with Abigail and to keep witchcraft from being associated with his name. Despite his name eventually being tainted with adultery, his death was still significant enough to make the citizens of Salem question the trials.
One of the main themes that is discussed in The Crucible is fear, specifically fear of the unknown and the abnormal. Fear literally changes people and makes them act in a way that they would not normally act. This is especially evident in The Crucible. When the girls were discovered dancing in the forest they were scared of getting punished and refused to admit what they were doing. This caused the rest of the community to fear that the devil had gotten a hold in the community and the girls were accused of witchcraft. Fear of death forced many of the accused to lie to save themselves even if it went against there nature.In the court the absolute fear that the devil would take over the community caused them to make strange irrational decisions based on the unknown and invisible. As Parris said in Act three, lines 663-664 " We are here Your Honor, precisely to discover what no one has ever seen." This however, caused them to ignore the hard facts of human greediness that were becoming evident through out the community. This same fear has continued beyond the Salem witch trials of the 1600's and into the modern era and connects hand in hand with hate and greed. Fear of terrorist attacks force us to go to war to try and protect ourselves, fear of the different such as the physically and mentally disabled force us to treat them more like animals than people, and the fear from those in power that their power will be taken away causes them to become dictators and tyrantsand attempt to keep the power alll to themselves out of greed. Fear is still a very prominent force in the world and until we learn to control and overcome it, it controls us and the direction the world goes.
This is an illustrated depiction of the all the chaos the town of Salem was sent into due to the Witch Trails, that are discussed in The Crucible.
The picture shown above is the courtroom scene from
The Crucible
movie in which Elizabeth was questioned and lied to the Court on behalf of her husband.
In this scene from the movie Mary Warren is questioned by the court after she admitted her fraud. However, fear that she would hang for witchcraft caused her to lie and essentially lead to the execution of John Proctor and other people accused.
In this scene John Proctor is asked to sign a confession he refuses among other reasons because he knows its a lie and cant taint his name with lies.
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