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Teen Suicide

Photo exposé

Kayla De Jesus

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Teen Suicide

Teen Suicide This extremely intense photograph portrays the results of depression and loneliness. In some cases, people keep to themselves and cover their problems. Specifically in this situation, this woman clearly has thoughts of suicide and is on the verge of taking her own life. Her brief response to whoever she is on the phone with is more than just a statement. It is her way of hiding her feelings and avoiding the fact that she's about to perform a drastic task. Photo #1 by: Kayla De Jesus Photo #2 The picture expresses the experiences of one who was able to overcome the feeling of depression. Although it is a short and simple phrase, it still holds a deep and meaningful message. The simplicity of the writing on the hand shows the depth of emotion and struggles that involve depression. It's almost ironic how it is put so simply when the road to recovery was most likely one of the most difficult things to endure. Not many people are able to conquer the damages of the condition because of its enormous effect on everyday lives. Luckily, this person greatly succeeded, confirmed their achievement, and are clearly proud of it. Photo #3 The image of the six different girls shows the hidden feelings that most teenagers undergo. In each photo, the adolescents look exceptionally happy and content with life. Covering their eyes are various single-worded phrases that contain lots of power. This shows one smile can hide so many problems. Psychologists state that those who deal with the thoughts of suicide generally choose to hide their "real self" with a smile to avoid the subject of their struggle(s). Photo #4 The following image is fairly similar to the previous one except for the fact that they are young children. Just like the other picture, they have one-worded phrases across their eyes that are the problems they are dealing with, including suicide. In this case, the three of them are all very young and probably don't even know the definition of those words. This is a sort of symbolism which shows how much life can change and affect the future. Even though these kids don't know it yet, their lives are going to drastically change and it won't be as easy as it seems now. Photo #5 This is an image of a handful of various shapes and sizes of different pills. Overdosing on the consumption of medications has become a well known and used method pertaining to (teen) suicide. In this particular picture, each pill has a specific word written on it. The words represent the assumption that the person has in hoping that the pills will provide that emotion for them. Most people don't realize how harmful this type of suicide attempt is. A majority of the time, the pills cause a slow and painful death making the experience all the more gut-wrenching. Works Cited

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