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The Magical Wonderful Awesome Story of Amy Pond and the Doctor

It's kind of complicated but it is awesome.

Christine Bari

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of The Magical Wonderful Awesome Story of Amy Pond and the Doctor

^ as the Doctor would say Come Along, Pond The Doctor is an alien called a Time Lord from a planet called Gallifrey. The Doctor is a name that he picked for himself, and only one character knows his real name (hence the name of the show: Doctor Who). When a Time Lord is about to die, he can regenerate his body - he keeps his memories but has a new body and his personality can change. The Doctor right now is the 11th Doctor (the one with the bowtie on the bottom). The last time he mentioned his age, he was about 1200 years old. First, the Doctor TARDIS = Time and Relative Dimension In Space

The TARDIS is the Doctor's spaceship. It exists everywhere in time and space, so the Doctor can go anywhere and anytime in the universe. On the outside it always looks like a police call box from the 1950s because its camoflauging function broke. The Doctor "borrowed" it (stole it) when he was young to have adventures. On the inside, it is gigantic. The TARDIS The Doctor always travels with a companion. Since he can live forever (we think), he gets lonely easily and hates loss. The companions of the 9th and 10th Doctors (the 2005 series revival started with the 9th) traveled with Rose Tyler, Martha Jones and Donna Noble (left to right above). Yes, the companions are always girls. Companions The 10th Doctor met archaeologist River Song in a haunted library in season 4. She knew everything about him, including his real name. He figured out that she met him in her past, and he will keep running into her in his future. Whenever he asks for details about what she knows, all she says is, "Spoilers". River appears periodically from this point on, always greeting the Doctor with "Hello, Sweetie". River can time travel using a vortex manipulator that looks like a wristband. She leaves messages through time for him when she needs his help. In season 5, when Amy meets River, it is stated that she is in prison for murder. River routinely breaks out of prison and it is implied that her relationship with the Doctor is romantic. River Song...This will make sense later After looking at her wall, the Doctor tells Amy that he will take her on a trip for being a good sport, but he has to fix the TARDIS first. He leaves for what he thinks is 5 minutes, but it is 12 years for Amy. She thinks he was a dream and makes him her imaginary friend, the "Raggedy Doctor". When the Doctor comes back and offers to make good on his promise, Amy leaves with him on the eve of her wedding. Meeting Amy Pond The 11th Doctor meets 7 year old Amy Pond right after he regenerates and crashes the TARDIS in her backyard. He makes her cook different foods so he can figure out what his new mouth finds tasty. After eating, she asks him to look at a crack in her wall that she finds frightening. The Doctor discovers that it is a crack in the universe that erases things and people from ever existing. Rory has been in love with Amy since they were kids. When in high school, Amy thought Rory didn't date because he was gay. After Amy expresses guilt for leaving before her wedding, the Doctor invites Rory to travel with them. Everywhere they go, there is a crack in the universe. When Rory is injured near one, the crack erases his existence and only the Doctor can remember him. Amy and Rory The Doctor, Amy and River Song end up at Stonehenge in 102 A.D. trying to find a mythical prison called the Pandorica, which is a box designed to imprison "the greatest threat to the universe". The Doctor discovers his enemies used Amy's memories and interests (the Pandora story, Roman England, and the loss of her family) to trap the Doctor. Her memory, however, saved Rory by making him a centurion - made of plastic - after he was erased by the crack. She eventually remembers hm before she is badly wounded and the Doctor is trapped in the Pandorica. The Pandorica Rory, convinced that Amy is dead, is the last one standing. However, the Doctor appears from the future and gives him his sonic screwdriver, telling him to break him out of the Pandorica and to put Amy in the prison instead because it is life-sustaining. Confused, Rory complies. The present Doctor, also confused, says they must return to Amy's present to fix the cracks. Rory refuses to leave Amy alone in the Pandorica. Since he is made of plastic, he cannot die, and he guards the box for over 2,000 years until his timeline coincides with the Doctor again. The Last Centurion In the present, reunited with Amy and Rory, the Doctor realizes the cracks erasing the universe are caused by the TARDIS exploding when he told River to escape from Stonehenge. The Doctor uses the vortex manipulator to drive the Pandorica into the explosion, rebooting the universe (it's too complicated for a Prezi, seriously). In doing so, he restores reality - including Amy's family - but erases himself until Amy remembers him at her wedding. Big Bang 2 In season 6, The Doctor invites Amy, Rory and River to Utah but does not reveal why. They see him murdered from afar by a man in an Apollo spacesuit. When the Doctor reappears again, they realize they had seen a future version of him and cannot reveal what happened. The murderer is a mystery, but it was arranged by an alien race called The Silence. The Doctor Dies Amy begins to hallucinate a woman opening a wall telling her to be calm, and the TARDIS' health scan cannot decide if she is pregnant. The Amy traveling with the Doctor is a flesh decoy. The real Amy, really pregnant, was abducted and held in a base by the Silence. Her and Rory's daughter was conceived in the TARDIS on their wedding night and has the regenerative abilities of a Time Lord. Amy names her Melody, after her best friend growing up. When the Doctor and Rory realize what has happened, they go to the base (called Demon's Run) to rescue them. Amy's hallucination was her reality seeping into the TARDIS. Amy's Not Amy The Doctor calls in those who owe him favors to attack Demon's Run and save Amy. When he sends Rory to get River from her prison to help, she refuses to come. They succeed in freeing Amy, but realize too late that it had been too easy and that the Silence used a flesh decoy while taking her real daughter. The Doctor is furious when River arrives, but she whispers something to him and he says he knows where to find the real Melody. He leaves in the TARDIS and says he will let them know when he has news. Demons run when a good man goes to war After the Doctor leaves, Amy shows River an embroidered cloth a girl in Demon's Run had given her with Melody Pond written in the girl's language. When translated, Melody Pond in the alien language is River Song because there is no word for "pond". She was stolen for the sole purpose of assassinating the Doctor. The Only Water In the Forest Is the River While searching for young Melody Pond, Melody's namesake Mels joins the hunt. When they meet again with the Doctor - to whom Mels is attracted - she suggests they go to Berlin to kill Hitler. Humoring her, they go but she is shot by a soldier. Instead of dying, Mels regenerates into River. Having just met the Doctor for the first time, she takes her opportunity to kill him with poison lipstick. When Amy tells her that she will be one of his dearest friends, she uses her remaining regenerations to save him. Mels Aware that River is the one in the astronaut suit, the Doctor puts off the day of his death as long as he can. When he finally arrives, River refuses to kill him and throws all of time and space into an alternate reality, since the event must happen. To make River go through with the act, the Doctor asks Amy and Rory's permission to marry her. He whispers something in her ear, which he says is his real name. Their kiss puts reality back in order and River kills the Doctor. The Wedding of River Song Just kidding. The Doctor used a decoy called a Teselecta to fake his death. That is what he really told River when he married her. River tells Amy and Rory that the Doctor is still alive after a few months. River willingly goes to prison to convince the Doctor's enemies that he is dead. The Doctor Lies When the Doctor returns, Amy and Rory are separated because Amy feels guilty that she cannot have children. The Doctor patches their marriage, but is disappointed when they begin to enjoy their normal lives. Amy tells the Doctor that the traveling is starting to feel like running away from real life, and she believes that she and Rory have spent the equivalent of 10 years traveling with him. She and Rory have visibly aged compared to their friends. Growing Up Encouraged to keep traveling by Rory's family, the three travel to New York City. They find a battered detective novel from the 30s, and as the Doctor reads it aloud, it begins to mention them in their present moment. Rory disappears on the way to get coffee. Using the TARDIS to go to the date of the book, they find that the weeping angels - ancient assassins who turn to stone when in sight, but can move lightning quick in a blink, and who kill by transporting people to the past and feeding off their potential energy - have invaded Manhattan in the 1930s. River is there - she wrote the book. Don't Blink The four discover the angels are targeting Rory. Rory reasons that if he kills himself and thwarts their plan, it will create a paradox and they will all be reset where they started in present-day New York. The plan is not a guarantee, and Amy insists on jumping off the roof of the building they are in with Rory. The Doctor arrives too late to stop them. Winter Quay The plan works and they are all transported back to a cemetery in modern New York. Before they can figure out why they are in this location, an angel zaps Rory away and Amy sees they are standing by his headstone. Amy, hoping the angel will send her to the same time, hastily says goodbye to the Doctor and River and blinks so the angel will touch her. River and the Doctor see her name on the headstone, and a chapter appears in the detective novel from Amy, saying that they were happy and lived well. The Last Centurion and The Girl Who Waited And that is the epic tale of Amy Pond! Also, she tends to wear a bunch of short skirts if you want to work that into your costume. Bye-bye, Pond
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