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Gabriela Gritz

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Christmas

Celebrating the Holidays in
South America

Holidays are different in many ways than our traditional ways of celebrating yet in many ways they are similar. Also traditions vary in South American countries!
Santa Claus
During the Holidays you may have a tree and maybe some flowers. This tradition does not vary much from the Southern American tradition of flowers a tree and more flowers.

Some traditional flowers include the poinsettia which originated in Central America and parts of South America.
but some believe that baby Jesus brings them their presents.

In South America they do presents just the same way as America does with Santa coming and giving them new presents
Yes, there is a Santa in South America, and in Chile, he is called Veijo Pascuero. He resembles the American Santa Claus a lot and he is driven by reindeer. Although, he comes in the house by climbing in the window. He doesn't come through the chimney because most houses don't have one due to warm weather.
In Chile they put lights and balloons up. They also
decorate their Christmas trees with clay figures called
In Argentina they decorate their homes with lights and wreaths of green, gold, red and white flowers. They also hand red and white garlands are hung on the doors of houses.

Music is a part of a traditional Christmas in South America. They often sing carols and pray. One popular Christmas song is "La Murga"

They have many different traditional foods that they eat on Christmas. Some of these foods are tamales de navidad (Christmas tamales), pavo rellano (stuffed turkey), mango pineapple cranberry sauce, cheesy mashed yuca, panetone (fruit cake), pan de jamon (bread with ham, olives, and rasins), and dulce de leche cheesecake with with candied cranberries and pecans.
Christmas parties are usually on Christmas Eve. Also Christmas Eve is when families open presents. Then the night is spent staying up late, when the kids play with their new toys and adults hang out. Then on Christmas day most time is spent relaxing.
Christmas In South America
By: Ashleigh, Ellie, Gabriela, Lexie,and Tia


Feliz Navidad

That's how Christmas is celebrated in south America. but traditions vary throughout each country!
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