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Balance: The Coaster Company

No description

Lance Abuan

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Balance: The Coaster Company

Square Coaster Packaging
Each package will hold 8 coasters inside.
The Package for the Square coasters has a
Volume: 135 in²
Lateral Area: 130 in²
Surface Area: 150 in²
President: Lance Jodie Salvanera Abuan
Chairman of the Board: Dante Michele` Alibrio
Vice President: Philip Taylor Wallis
President of Presentation Fluency: Andres Phillip Miner

Circle Coaster
Diameter: 4 inches
Radius: 2 inches
Thickness: 1/2 inch
Mahogany Border: 1 inch
Area: 12.56 inches
Circumference: 12.56 inches
Square Coaster
4 inches squared
perimeter 48 inches
area = 14 inches squared
1/4 inches thick
Coaster Glass Type
The type of Glass that we have decided upon is crystallized glass imported from Mario Italy. It will be placed in between the mohagony wood, and will be carved to be a picture of Venice, Italy. There will be water placed underneath to be some elegant decor.
Coaster Wood Type
Circle Packaging
The Package for the circle coasters has a
Area(base): 15.9 inch²
Lateral Area: 14.13 inch²
Surface Area: 75.96 inch²
Make at least 250 coasters for the party.
Coaster designs
Client Information
The target is a big Hollywood director and she just started working on a new movie, and has to get friendly with the actors so they may volunteer to act for a role. So to do this, she has decided to throw a big party. The only setback is that she hates water stains, so she hired us to make coasters to hold the cups in place.

We have decided to have a coaster that will have mahogany trimming, and in the inside will be a picture made of glass.
The type of wood we have decided to use is
Mahogany imported from Belize. Mahogany
wood is a reddish brown straight grained high
quality hardwood. This type of exotic hardwood
is mainly grown in and around the tropics.
Mahogany Trees
Mahogany Wood
This package is going to contain six premium hardwood mahogany monogrammed coasters per package.

Thanks for watching!
Lance , Philip , Andres . Dante
Circle Coaster Measurements
The coasters are going to be large enough even to fit supersized drink cups from fast food places yet, it will also hold premium drink glasses. So, all in all these coasters besides being the most high quality coasters, they will also be the most versatile great looking coasters on the market.
Square Coaster Measurements
Diameter: 4 inches
Radius: 2 inches
Thickness: 1/2 inches
Area: 12.56 square inches
Mahogany Border: 1 inches
Circumference: 12.56 inches
The measurements for the square coasters for the square coaster packaging. The coasters will be able to hold the biggest of cups to the smallest,with balance.
Side Length: 2.5 inches
Perimeter: 15 square inches
Area: 33.6 square inches
Thickness: 1/2 inches
Italian Crystal
9 in
3 in
5 in
3 in
5 in
15.9 in
14.13 inch²
3 1/8 inch²
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