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Point of View

No description

Tiffany Riveros

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Point of View

Point of View
What is Point of View?
Point of view is a character or persons opinion of what happened.

*When your parents ask what happened do you both have the same version of the story? Most likely not.

You both have a "different" story or "point of view"
Illustrated by:
Lane Smith
Written by:
Jon Scieszka
The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
What do you think?
Does this version of the story change your opinion of the "Big Bad Wolf?"
A. Wolf wrote his version of the story in the Daily Wolf newspaper...so we are going to write our own newspaper too.
Writing Time!!
You will get to pick a "villain" or a different character from a story and tell it from their point of view.
*Wolf/Grandma from Red Riding Hood
*Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk
*Joker from Batman
*Stepsisters/stepmother from Cinderella
*Goblin from spider man
*A character from your favorite book
Brainstorm Some Ideas!
After you pick a character, brainstorm a few ideas of what your characters side of the story might be on a sticky note.
Example: Giant from Jack and the Bean Stalk

*The golden eggs were for charity, not for me.

*I didn't say anything mean to Jack. I was calling for my children "FE! FI! FO! FUM!!

*I needed those eggs back for charity so that's why I chased him down the beanstalk.
Share the ideas you have so far with a partner.
After the students share, they will go into independent work time and start writing their characters "point of view" of the story.
I can show them my finished version of Jack and the Bean Stalk if they need more inspiration.
Read All About It!!
Share Time
Day 1: I would have them pick out a sentence that gives the class a "Sneak Peak"about where their story is going to be about
Day 2: The class will have a "gallery walk" of all the stories so they can see everyone's character and that characters point of view.
Giant and the Beanstalk
Red Riding Hood
Common Core Standards
Independent Work Time
Point of View
What do you think Point of View means?
Why is point of view important?
*Helps us know how different characters view things.
*Everyone has their own opinion of how something happens.
*Can help us make better informed decisions about characters.
The Three Little Pigs
Who's point of view was the
Three Little Pigs
told from?
Oink Oink
*What is my characters side of the story?
*What did the other character say that isn't true?
______ happened but its not what it looks like.
_____ got it all wrong!
I didn't say____, I actually said ____.
Ways to Differentiate
The End!!!
What about the Wolf?
Some Ideas!!!
Take a few minutes to pick a character.
Take a few minutes to write down some starter sentences like the ones I wrote.
Trust me...this is what happened.
This is the real story.
The True Story of...
*Assistance during Independent work time if needed
*Have choice with picking characters.
*Multiple Intelligences (Visual, verbal)
He did it!
No! She did it!
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