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The Cay Chapters 1-5

No description

Courtney Campbell

on 5 January 2013

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Transcript of The Cay Chapters 1-5

SO! If you were going to summarize the first 5 chapters of "The Cay", what might you tell me? Remember!
Tell me the events in the order they happen...
1. 1st
2. Then 2nd
3. Then 3rd

... and so on! Chapters 1-5

1. Pick the major (main) events - about 5-7 in our case, or 1-2 from each chapter.
2. Tell the events IN THE ORDER THEY HAPPEN... So Ms. Campbell knows what's
going on.
3. Use names of people (Him, his, he, they,
she, hers can get VERY confusing when
there is more than one character). Helpful Hints! Resources Challenge Dictionary Time to get busy! Give me a summary!
(A quick review that talks about the main events.)
What happens?
What are the 2-3 major events that occur? The Cay Review There are MANY, MANY helpful resources in our classroom,
like dictionaries, idea organizers, the computer, your textbooks and novel... Graphic Organizer Computer Novel Textbooks Mrs. Rose Ms. Campbell Posters REMEMBER: In partners, or groups of three... 1. Discuss the 1-3 main events of your assigned chapter(s).
2. Create an organizational chart to show order of events.
3. Present your ideas and summary of the chapter(s) to the class.
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