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Copy of Celebrity Analysis

Miley Cyrus

lady priscilia

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Celebrity Analysis

MILEY CYRUS Public Perception In the early years of Miley's career she was perceived as the sweet girl from the Disney series Hannah Montana. As she became older she wanted to stray away from her Disney image "Hannah Montana" and become known as herself, Miley Cyrus. Now she has taken on a new rough rocker image. She began doing more risque performances. An example of this is the "pole dancing" scandal during her performance of "Party in The U.S.A" at the Teen Choice Awards in 2009. This performance created anger and unacceptance towards her from her younger fans but most of all from their parents. Miley always wears black, the only time she wears color is when she is filming her show Hannah Montana. She has experimented with her hair styles over the years. When she was younger she had light brown hair, but when her relationship with teen sensation Nick Jonas ended she wanted to rebel, so she colored her hair black. As of now she has lightened her hair again and kept it long and wavy. Target Audience Kids from ages 6 to 14 Miley Cyrus was born on November 21 1992, to Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus. She was born and raised in Franklin, Tennessee, approximately an hour away from Nashville. Cyrus grew up on a 500-acre farm and attended Heritage Elementary School. She was raised a Christian and was baptized in a Southern Baptist church prior to moving to Hollywood in 2005. She was originally named Destiny Hope because her parents believed she would accomplish great things with her life. When she was a baby they gave her the nickname "Smiley" because she was always smiling. Smiley was later shortened to "Miley". Ages 6 to 14 I feel that younger girls who watch the Family Channel appreciate Miley Cyrus more than a young boy would, as well as older individuals. I don't think people with different economic statuses view her any differently from anyone else. Controversies With Cyrus Photos Miley had posted on her private MySpace account of her and a female friend sharing a piece of licorice and "almost kissing", were spread across the internet, prompting rumors of lesbianism. Several provocative pictures of Miley in her underwear and swimsuit were leaked onto the web by a teenager who hacked her Gmail account. A photo displaying Miley and friends making "slant-eyed" expressions, which the Organization of Chinese Americans claimed was offensive to the Asian community. She apologized for the photo on her website, defending her actions and saying, "In NO way was I making fun of any ethnicity I was simply making a goofy face." In December, TMZ released a video of Cyrus, which took place five days after her 18th birthday at her Los Angeles home, in which she is seen smoking from a bong. She claimed she was smoking the psychoactive plant salvia, which is legal in the state of California Products miley endorses Miley Cyrus endorses: Daisy Rock Guitars and the City of Hope Foundation, Miley Cyrus Jeans and a Wal-Mart clothing line. Also Disney has put out a Hannah Montana clothing and accessories line.
The price range is under $50. The primary market is for girls aged 9-14.This collection will have sparkle-heavy tank tops and capris, hoodies, bikinis, shorts, jeans, dresses and t-shirts. As well as accessories like jewelry, shoes, sunglasses and purses. Daisy Rock Guitar Miley's Earnings $2,000 for a picture Estimated cost for a picture of the then-15 year old's first kiss ranged from $30,000 to $150,000 $1 billion in "Montana"related sales during 2007-08 She is expected to rank in $17.5 from her sold-out tours $65 million for her concert movie $86 million at the world box office She is ranked 29th in Forbes Magazine with a pay of 25 million. I think Miley used to be a role model for little kids, but since she has changed her image I feel not as many children look up to her as much as they use to A characteristic I think is special about Miley is her involvement in charity events. For example the City of Hope Foundation. This foundation is a biomedical research, treatment and educational institution, that is dedicated to the prevention and cure of cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Quotes From Miley Miley's Career FILMS 2007: High School Musical, Miley was a dancer at the pool 2008: Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds Concert Movie 2009: Hannah Montana The Movie 2010: The Last Song, Miley played the role of Veronica "Ronnie" Miller 2009: Bolt, Miley was the voice of Penny 2011: Justin Bieber Never Say Never 3D Movie Television 2001- 2003: Doc, Miley played the role of Kylie 2006- 2011: Hannah Montana, she played the roles of Miley Stewart as well as Hannah Montana 2006: That So Sweet Life of Hannah Montana Milley's Albums Quotes From Miley Pink isn't just a colour, it's an attitude! There's no right or wrong, success or failure. I don't look at things as black or white. My life won't be a series of either/ors musician or actor, rock or country, straitlaced or rebellious, this or that, yes or no. The real choices in life aren't that simple. 2006: That's So Sweet Life of Hannah Montana As you can tell from my prezi she has dramatically changed from her days as "Hannah Montana". As we grow up our personalites and tastes change, we have seen how Miley's have. Whether it is a slight chage or a noticable change it h Although Miley has taken some different approaches to things that haven't always been the best but in life sometimes you have to learn from your mistakes in order to grow as a person. It is natural in life to make mistakes but what is important is how you use the mistakes you've made to make youself into a better person. When I was younger I got great pleasure from watching "Hannah Montana" but as I got older my likes and dislikes changed as I'm sure a lot of yours did too. Miley was there when I was little and now that I'm growing up she is too. She has received a LOT of disapproval for her dramatic change but the reality is she can't always be that little girl from Hannah Montana, she has to eventually grow up and show the world who she is instead of making people think she is someone she's not. THE END
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