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My book presentation!!!!

Alexander Wilde

on 2 October 2009

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Transcript of Stoneheart

Charlie Fletcher Setting My story takes place in modern day London but not the london we know, its a layer of London we can not see, where statues are alive and roam the streets. Characters The protagonist of my story is a boy named
George Chapman who's father is gone and his
mother is never there. But one day after
breaking a statue George falls into the
realm where statues walk the streets of
london and he must find the Stoneheart to
mend the dragon. The antogonist of my story is a mysterious man named "The Walker"
who has a immortal crow working by his side to steal the dragon head and lift the curse of the stone from him. Plot After getting in trouble on a school feild trip George Chapman breaks a dragon head off a statue and George falls into the world of statues that are always fighting. George eventually meets a girl named Eddie that can see statues but also see into the future but not only does George meet Eddie but he also makes friends with a statue named The Gunner that is willing to risk his life to save George and Eddie. But statues are not the trios only problem, The Walker and his companion an immortal crow are trying to kill them to lift the curse of the stone off the Walker's being. The trios has a hard adventure in front of them and they'll need help to bring things back to normal. Theme I think the theme of Stoneheart is sacrifice for friendship because in the end George throws away his old life just to stay with Eddie and the Gunner. Point of View I liked this book because it expanded my vocabulairy because the author used alot of different words to describe objects and characters in the book. This book also taught me about different historical sites in London because all the statues and buildings in the book actually exist. Lastly it taught me a different way of writing because ive never seen this style of writing before. By
Alexander Wilde
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