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Stevie Wonder

No description

Kayla Nazario

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Stevie Wonder

Steveland Hardaway Judkins (Morris)
Stevie won his first Grammy award in 1973 for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life"
Stevie went to Michigan College for the Blind and graduated in 1968 with honors.
What changed his life
On the 6th of August,1973, Stevie was in the passenger seat sleeping while his cousing John Wesley Harris drove the car, got distracted and drove into the lowbed truck.
Interesting Facts

: Stevie was part of a campaign to establish Martin Luther King's birthday as a National Holiday
: Stevie worked together with Paul McCartney and created a Number 1 Hit Song "Ebony & Ivory"
: Stevie buys a LA radio station KHLH
: Stevie was arrested for demonstrating against apartheid outside the South African Embassy
: Stevie was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Stevie Wonder

Fun Facts

* He has recorded more than 30 US top ten hits.
* His Grammys are the most ever awarded to a male solo artist
* He has sold over 100 million albums and singles
* He is one of the top 60 best selling music artists
Important Dates

Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder was born on May 13, 1950 in Saginaw,
Michigan. Stevie was born four weeks early and was placed in an incubator. He had too much oxygen, which
caused cataracts behind his eyes which blinded him.

Stevie started his career by beating spoons on pots and
pans to have the same rhythm as the songs he heard on
the radio.

Stevie Wonder won his first grammy in 1973 and his last
one in 2006. The first one was for best male vocal
performance and the last one for best pop collaboration
with vocals.

Stevie was unconscious and bleeding from his forehead and scalp. Stevie suffered a bruise on his brain and was in a coma. He was flown to the N.C. Baptist Hospital where he stayed for two weeks, including a week in intenstive care. Stevie has
lost his sense of smell and temporary
lost his sense of taste.
Stevie has been married twice. His first marriage was to Syreeta Wright from 1970 until 1972. He married Kai Millard Morries in 2001 and has filed for divorce in 2012

He has 2 children from his second marriage (Kailand and Mandla) and 5 children from other relationships.

His daughter Aisha Morris was the inspiration for the hit song "Isn't she lovely". She has toured with her dad and Kailand sometimes performs as a drummer with his dad.
"Just Because a Man lacks the use of his eyes, doesn't mean he lacks vision."
~ Stevie Wonder
1962 Little Stevie Wonder releases debut album
"Little stevie Wonder the 12 year old genius
1964 Releases "uptight"
1970s Receives 15 Grammy awards for 4 albums
1982 Ebony & Ivory with Paul McCartney
1989 Inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
1996 Lifetime achievement award
2009 Recognized with the Second Library of
Gershwin Prize for popular song and releases
concert DVD "Live at last: A Wonder's Summer
2009 Sang at the Michael Jackson memorial
service and in 2012 at Whitney Houston's.

Stevie's family consists of his Mom (Lula Mae Hardaway), his dad (Calvin Judkins). He has four brothers (Milton Hardaway, Calvin Hardaway, Larry Hardaway, Timothy Hardaway) and one sister (Renee Hardaway)

They lived in Detroit after Stevie's mom divorced his dad and Stevie sang in the church choir. He got a harmonica for Christmas one year and thought himself how to play it as well as drums and the piano before the age of 10.

Stevie was discovered at the age of 11 and was signed by
At first I had not heard of Stevie Wonder but after
researching him for my project, I have found out
that he is a very successful singer and song writer.

He has established a great career despite being blind since birth. He has won many awards and is even personal friends with the President of the United States and his wife, Michelle Obama.
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