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Copy of Information system consists of five parts: hardware, softwar

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onanong pakdeeaksorn

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Information system consists of five parts: hardware, softwar

Computing The human resources
Information system for human resources management.
Information system for human resources management in general. The process was used to gather, store, maintain, and modify the system. To be accurate, complete information systems. Can lead to different functionalities. Effectively, but the administration of the human resources. Has evolved and adapted to meet the changing world situation quickly. New mission, a human resources executive. Should focus more such research.
Development of human resources development. To find ways to increase productivity for the organization. Which is considered very important to the development of human resources, however, to provide information. Can be put to practical use effectively. We should take into account the composition of personnel, information technology and management come together and create a. Information Systems HR personnel is essential. And is critical to the management of the organization, so each organization decided to focus on the information technology, human resources and more. To be utilized in management. Workforce Planning Development and training organizations, etc., so find a way to improve the new management came into use instead.
Information system for human resources management.
Meaning of human resource information systems
Human resource information system refers to a group of systems that comprise hardware or devices. And software or Software Acting, collection, processing, analysis, storage and dissemination of information, the report is accurate, fast, on time to the user. Applications to analysis For decision support To improve business processes Control, human resource management within the organization. And modifications to the vision of the administration of the executive in relation to human resources, both now and in the future also help coordinate. Analysis Creating business models are complex and pose strategic human resource management principles and new.
Information system for human resources management. Also referred to as information systems personnel. Including systems related to corporate employees. Because of the work of human resources to involve all parts of the organization. Therefore, the role of information systems personnel, thus affecting the success of the organization. The human resource management information system should have the ability to analyze and workload planning, recruitment, employee training, assigning tasks to employees and other tasks. Related to personnel The system should be able to effectively manage personnel costs to a minimum, while still able to meet the manpower requirements of the various operations. To achieving organizational objectives.
1. Strategic plans and policies. Including information on the objectives and policies in personnel. Policies such as quality control The staff training, are being encouraged to take part in the run, switching functions and determining role in the work of personnel in the organization, and so on.
2. Systems, transaction processing Including salary information, data, processing orders, personnel information. Data from the processor level.
- Salary Information Costs are wages, health insurance. And the welfare of the people in the organization. The data processing system may be including hours of work. Wage rates of employees Compute salaries, wages, and working out.
- The sales order information can be used in planning, assigning personnel. By considering the number of salespeople needed. To provide services or sell products to the expansion of the organization into the future.
- Personnel information The skills levels in the workplace. Based on work experience, evaluate performance, and other information. Assist in planning, assigning tasks to employees in various fields.

Imported to the information system for human resources management.
System was filled with paper files and documents as well as space to store them. So we should study and understand the system before operation. Because information system for human resources management. It is very useful in the management of it. I also have a bad effect if there is information to be used. The incorrect Which can cause damage, so it is necessary to build up an information system for human resources development. To produce a database to support the organization. And what is absolutely necessary. Quality improvement Of personnel in the organization
          In addition, it may refer to the HRIS. How to deliver new services. Our customers Through the electronic process Like to send information to the decoder side Hr Hr client side information using a computer or any electronic media. Working to deliver the human resources officer. Which serves to avoid confrontation. It has many advantages over is able to provide an unlimited time, place, and a significant increase in performance. Add a quick save and reduce customer satisfaction.
The Human Resource Management program
The only system that is cheap. Management is a distinct lack of sufficient data. In order to be used as a summary analysis of the data. In planning for the management and development of human resources in an organization truly
Found that most systems are still immature. There are just some applications that are complete systems. Of course It is expensive Program typically Often focused on the system of personnel records. Run-time system monitoring And the only payroll In general, the system is required. But the system of personnel development, the welfare, performance evaluation, etc. have no more details.
Human Resource Management Begin to play a greater role in the organization. It recognizes the need to recruit and retain staff of the organization. Are very important to the organization. To be competitive with competitors in the same business, each organization has attempted to create their own HRIS system aims to support the work of the organization. And the system is not very complicated. But the development of such a The lack of standards development This will cause problems in the long run. Especially when the people who developed the system. Ceases to be an employee of the organization, sometimes organizations need to abandon the old system. To new development As an alternative, the organization is. To find a program from the outside, however. Considering the program in general. Compare with the concept of a good HRIS systems.
Factors to consider in selecting a program
1. Their ability to support routine HR.
Program Used for administration and human resources. Generally To a system that already supports routine HR which will separate each module. Organizations to be selected according to the needs of the organization. But what shall consider. The ability to run between each module. And can reduce the time of the former.
2. Systems support management decisions.
Programs in general are cheap will not be supporting the decision of the administration so that administrators want to view the information. Manpower, the rate of Turn Over, expenditures, personnel, plans, staff development, customizing Career Path, etc., the system can output immediately, probably in the form of reports or graphs, it makes it so easy. In addition, even more with Work Flow, it makes the communication process within the organization. A more convenient
.3 and technical services.

4. The HR Information Center
One thing that should be further HRIS systems. Especially in organizations with networking. To serve as a channel of communication. And provide information to personnel within the organization. The relationship between organizations and personnel in the organization. The personnel can be informed of the data. Should know at the time In appearance of self-service
Conditions imposed itself The nature of the formula The company developed the system must have a team on hand to advise on the most important aspects is needed. The system is safe to access the database. This is the secret of enterprise information systems should be protected by encryption. And set the access level of the user. To prevent malicious users sneak into the data. It also includes a backup in case of damage on the system.
A good program Need to reduce the time to perform the same task of the organization down. Reduce the number of documents Down as well Standardized data The system should be provided, such as provincial registrar, registration, qualification, tax tables, etc., so users will not waste time filling out the information on the numbers, it should be calculated automatically, such as age, years of service, the system should be required. Calculate the time until the present. Should have a program like any other program, creating an organization chart, card printing program staff, program the Circular. Or any certificate And must be flexible to the terms and policies of the organization, as a condition of payment of remuneration, conditions of welfare payments. In this section A good program to use to open the user.

Decade for Human Resource Management Systems
Human Resources in the 20th century is being driven by the use of modern management tools. To enhance the management. And enhance its role as a business partner to the senior management. So, how to transition towards such a goal is to make the primary mission of the Human Resources Administration changes to the new concept. Which may need to change the thinking. Have been changed and A new form Shaped like an inverted pyramid.
Be seen as highly likely that the current human resource management. Whose mission is 80% of routine administrative tasks by Admin functions such as the salaries, wages, welfare systems, employee training. Will be replaced with Outsourcing or replaced by technology. And important new work To be added to the job in terms of the organizational strategies for developing future systems. Using modern management and organization. Which shows that This is a substantial change. Within a decade Be a challenging task A modern Role to optimize organizational performance. And will revolutionize the image of the profession, this looks even better.
onanong pakdeeaksorn
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