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Elevator Pitch - Facing a Jobfair

No description

Anna Zabezsinszkij

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Elevator Pitch - Facing a Jobfair

Short intro - Who am I?
Work experience
Unique Selling Point – what are you best at?
Social skills
Personal interests

1-2 minutes in the Spotlight

Group of 4-5 people
Elevator Pitch - Facing a Job fair
What is Elevator Pitch/ Speech
A tool to...

ttention and Approach professionally

riefly introduce & “Sell” yourself, the team, project

onnect (engage & keep in touch)
Step -by -Step
(name, education, occupation, etc.)

(internship, part-, full time or student job, volunteer work, position(s), industry, paid-unpaid, some(!) details- length of internship)

(say why you are there at
(!) stand, and the USP shall connect here as well!)

(work experience, grades, achievements, favorite subject, , software competences, relevant volunteer work, skills, style of education (PBL), etc.)

(ask if they have openings, relevant position, or do you seem like a good fit in general? Introduce your CV and Listen :) )

What are you seeking on the job fair?
1. Introduce yourself

2. What do you need?/ What are you looking for?

3. Connect with the company

4. Your USP ("unique" selling point)

5. Listen and Engage
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