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The Underwater Hotel

No description

Thiago Pinheiro

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of The Underwater Hotel


The Underwater Hotel Team
Thiago Pinheiro
Matias Ruz
Mayla Rodrigues
Fahad Sulaiman
Ding Wang
Project Description
The goal of the project is to design and build a hotel entirely submerged on the skirts of the Aruba island at the southern Caribbean Sea by the end of 2020.
The entire length of the project will be of 5 years;
Labor utilized will be mostly local, with the intention to create jobs and enhance local economy.
Project Scope
Soil and oceanographic details analysis;
Preservation project for the local wildlife;
Architecture design, safety design, financial and legal management;
Construction of 5 stories of hotel buildings, adding up to 350 rooms with total capacity up to 1000 people;
Design and construction of entertainment options, such as ocean viewing lobbies, restaurants, game rooms and sports rooms;
System development for safety management;
Connection and transportation surface-hotel.
The Company
To design and build an establishment that will provide entertainment and relaxation for customers who search a unique experience, by providing incredible environment and distinct activities which will create new feelings and experience. The process must provide in details all the tools necessary to create every step of the hotel everyone would dream of.
To create and realize new dreams with help of the beauty of natural elements.
• Responsibility
• Innovation
• Safety
• Quality
• Joy
• Dedication
• Creating an environment never seen before focused on tourism and entertainment.
• Developing the ideal project and execution plan for a big construction, minimizing risks and avoiding any accident.
• Providing an innovative management system for the various new concepts of maintaining a touristic location, allowing effective directing of the resources.
• Designing a nature-friendly audacious project, in order to create awareness of preservation ideals.

Schedule and Staffing Overview
Staff Requirement
Organizational Chart
Project Manager
Head of Operations
Legal Director
Financial Director
Safety Manager
Head of Research
Design Manager (Innkeeper)
Human Resources Manager
Project Manager (1 FTE)
Head of Engineering (.90 FTE)
Safety Manager (.90 FTE)
Financial Director (1 FTE)
Human Resources Manager (.80 FTE)
Legal Director (.70 FTE)
Design Manager (1 FTE)
Head of Research (1 FTE)
Roles and Responsibilities:
• Create a detailed work plan which identifies and sequences the activities
needed to successfully complete the project
• Determine the resources needed, Develop a schedule for project completion that effectively allocates the resources to the activities
• Ensure that all project personnel receive an appropriate orientation to the organization and the project
• Execute the project according to the project plan
• Establish a communication schedule to update stakeholders including appropriate staff in the organization on the progress of the project
Skills and Requirements
Project Manager Skills Required:
Developing Budgets, Coaching, Supervision, Staffing, Project Management, Management Proficiency, Process Improvement, Tracking Budget Expenses, Self-Development, Planning, Performance Management, Inventory Control, Verbal Communication.

Basic Requirements:
• PMP Certificate, CAPM Certificate, PgMP Certificate.
• Engineer University Degree.
• Background in managing big groups of people (+ than 400).
• High analytical and goal oriented skills.
• Excellent teamwork oriented abilities

Special Requirements:
15 years hotel building experience.

Roles and Responsibilities:
• Manage the construction site and make sure the operations are being done according to the project.
• Oversee the other departments in the organization.
• Manage personnel, following the safety instructions,
• Contribute to the development of the Architecture Design
• Manage quality.
• Manage communication from the construction site.
• Maximize return on resources making sure the construction is on budget.
Skills and Requirements
Operation Department Skills Required:
Execution, analysis, Process Improvement, Tracking Budget Expenses, Self-Development, Planning, Performance Management, Inventory Control

Special Requirements:
• Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering
• PMP Certificate
• 15 Years working on large construction projects
• MBA in Supply Chain management

Roles and Responsibilities:
• Identify, analyze and initiate appropriate action on legal issues resulting from transactions and business practices.
• Provide advice and support to local affiliates as well as prepare draft and negotiate commercial agreements (as well as timely renewals and amendments as and when required) including distribution and procurement contracts.
• Prevent as (co-) compliance officer at regional level unethical, illegal or improper conduct in the Company and interact with local compliance officers where necessary
• Provide legal expertise for all corporate secretarial and related regulatory compliance.
Skills and Requirements
• University degree in law with strong knowledge of corporate/commercial law from a top leading law school (essential)
• Minimum working experience in the legal department of an international company and/or law firm of repute of at least 5 years, as lawyer with a strong background in corporate, commercial & contractual law. Working knowledge of all Board & Shareholder related functions also required.
• Judgment & decision making, critical thinking, involving active learning & listening
• Excellent communication, writing and presentation skills
• To make overall plans of Human Resources development and govern the operation of programs;
• Recruiting, interviewing, training, performance appraisal, compensation, labor relations
•To take charge of all the declaration to the authorities,  office supplies and the organization of  team activities

Roles and Responsibilities:
Skills and Requirements
Basic qualification:
•University major in human resources or related bachelor degree
• More than 5 years HR manager experience
Special qualification:
• Both fluent in English and Spanish
• Familiar with the Labor Law in Central America

• Original documents, accounting documents of the audit, the manufacturers statement
• Report to the establishment of foreign shareholders.
• Comprise the balance sheet, profit and loss statement, cash flow statement, the aging analysis of current funds and other related business analysis Report.
• To assist director of accounts and constantly optimize the flow and deal with other relevant internal follow
• Auditing and Analysis of costing
• Communicate with other department
Roles and Responsibilities:
Skills and Requirements
Basic qualification:
• Master’s degree in Accountancy
• Strong oral and communication skills
Special qualification:
• More than 15 years work experience
• Have correlated work experience in construction project

Roles and Responsibilities:
• Understands and administers the BJC Safety program for the purpose of maintaining a safe work environment on all projects and sites.
• Assists in the development of site-specific safety programs and plans with Project Managers and Superintendents.
• Assists in the preparation of Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) of project specific tasks as required.
• Participates in project pre-planning meetings to consult on safe work practices.
• Coordinates the purchase and/or rental of safety equipment and first aid supplies.
• Conducts new hire safety orientation and training.
Skills and Requirements
• Associate’s Degree or equivalent experience in related science/construction field.
• 5 years of experience in construction/manufacturing work environment.
• Knowledge of OSHA safety standards CFR parts 1910 and 1926.
• Knowledge of construction materials, methods and equipment.
• Working knowledge of construction safe work practices
• Strong management, leadership and interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate well both verbally and in writing associated with coaching, training, policy writing and documenting inspections.

Roles and Responsibilities:
• Analyze the submarine territory where the construction will be executed.
• Manage the study of the ground and ecosystem of the environment.
• Determine levels of safety concerning chemicals, pressure and other physical elements that may interfere in the operations.
• Lead team of divers and oversee training and preparation of new underwater workers.
• Provide preservation plan for best experience of the marine life without devastation.
Skills and Requirements
• Bachelor of Science in Oceanography
• Specialized in geological field (geological oceanographer)
• More than 10 years of experience working in the field
• Must have already managed a construction based on the sea
• Experience in managing a team
• Good communication skills

Roles and Responsibilities:
• Contribute with specific details that are important to run a hotel (since the creation of the hotel plant)
• Participate on the creation of the architecture design and decor based on the hotel standards
• Oversee development and execution of the hotel areas, making sure they are appropriate according to the plan
• Provide expertise on how to develop an efficient hotel environment.
Skills and Requirements
• Bachelor in Tourism Management
• More than 5 years of experience managing or owning a hotel
• Good communication skills
• Preferred knowledge in architecture

The approximate cost of the project will be of $800,000,000.00
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