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Designing of a high speed long distance (16,000 km) WDM opti

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milind mathur

on 14 December 2013

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Transcript of Designing of a high speed long distance (16,000 km) WDM opti

Designing of a high speed long distance WDM optical communication system using different modulations schemes.
Cartledge, J.C., “Performance of 10 Gb/s lightwave systems based on lithium niobate Mach-Zehnder modulators with asymmetric Y-branch waveguides”. IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, Volume: 7 Issue: 9, Sept. 1995, Page(s): 1090 -1092.
Bo-ning HU, Wang Jing"Analysis on Dispersion Compensation with DCF based on Optisystem"2010 2nd International Conference on Industrial and Information Systems.
M. Tachibana, et al., “Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier with Flattened Gain Spectrum”, IEEE Photon. Tech. Lett. 3, 118 (1991).
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Iftikhar Rasheed, Muhammad Abdullah, Qazi Md. Hamza Mansoor, Zia-ur-Rehman "Novel Approaches for Suppression of Four Wave Mixing in WDM System Using Concocted Modulation Techniques",2012 10th International Conference on Frontiers of Information Technology.
M.I. Hayee, and A.E. Willner, “NRZ Versus RZ in 10-40-Gb/s Dispersion managed WDM transmission systems”, IEEE Photon. Technol. Lett., vol. 11, pp.991-993, 1999.

Proposed model
Simulation tool
With the rapid growth of internet needs, people urgently need more capacity and network systems.[I] So the demand for transmission capacity and bandwidth are becoming more and more challenging to the carriers and service suppliers.
Under this situation, with its huge bandwidth and excellent transmission performance, optical fiber is becoming the most favorable delivering media and laying more and more important role in information industry[2,3].
The optimal design and application of optical fiber are very important to the transmission quality of optical fiber transmission system. Therefore, it is very necessary to investigate the transmission characteristics of optical fiber. And the main goal of communication systems is to increase the transmission distance with high speed connectivity.
Network design
WDM technique
Cross-Layer interface
Component designing
[1] Mochida Y, Yamaguchi N, Ishikawa G, "Technology-oriented review and vision of 40Gb/s-based optical transport Networks", Journal of light-wave technology.PP. 2272-228,12002,20(12)
[2] Zhang Hongb in,Q iu Kun, "Emulation of charactrristics of optical fiber transmission for a 10Gb/s single channel situation," acta photonica sinica 2001 vol.30 No.6 715-720
[3] Omae T, "Universal conditions for estimating the nonlinear refractive index n2 of dispersion com- pensating fibers by the CW-
43 SPM method", IEEE Photon. Technol. Lett., Vol 13. No.6, pp. 571-573, Nov, 2001.
OptiSystem is a comprehensive software design suite that enables users to plan, test, and simulate optical links in the transmission layer of modern optical networks.
OptiSystem enables users to simulate/design:
Next Generation optical networks
Current optical networks
SONET/SDH ring networks
Amplifiers, receivers, transmitters
Analysis Tools
Eye diagrams, BER, Q-Factor, Signal chirp.
Polarization state, Constellation diagrams.
Signal power, gain, noise figure, OSNR
Data monitors, report generation, and more!
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