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Copy of Steve Jobs Leadership Style

No description

kaihun tan

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Steve Jobs Leadership Style

The benefits of working with Steve Jobs Steve Jobs References Working with Steve Jobs Who is Steve Jobs?
Lusier(n.d).Human Relations in Organizations: Applications and Skill Building Eighth Edition.Mc Graw-Hill Ryerson for reference
Troy Bynoe. (2011). Steve Jobs – A Transformational Leader. Retrieved from http://blog.troybynoe.com/?p=8 Be inspired everyday
Creativity from every corner Apple`s Product Increase diversity

Steve Jobs passion for diversity "Do you have an engineering program?"That unexpected question marked the beginning of unique friendship with Apple’s late co-founder. Andrew Williams, from Spelman College, a historically black college for women in Atlanta Steve jobs was a aggressive person and harsh leader. Stress and tension
Critical component in a successful business
It is known that Apple's employees :
worked hard on visionary projects
striving to meet targets Team building Steve Jobs with his iPod product guys in 2005: Tony Fadell, Jon Rubistein, Jony Ive and Phil Schiller Working for apple is not for softies. The environment in Apple not offer a ‘cool’ work environment, but it does create workers that produce very well for the company. Apple employees are constantly expose to pressure and stress. Is the positive expectation that another will not take advantage of you (Lusier, n.d.).

Once you had been praised by Steve Jobs, then insulted, you would work twice harder to earn back his favors.
Divided into the best possible teams and have them work on their own part. Cross Functional Team Leadership Grid STEVE JOB
LEADERSHIP Job leadership principle How
Steve Jobs become a successful leader? Get followers to accomplish more than they intended or thought possible (Troy Bynoe, 2011).

Perceive as a good motivator. Transformational Leadership Develop task and relationship behavior The leadership style of Steve Jobs in APPLE Where his inspiration come from? Why Steve Jobs is successful in leading employee? What Steve Jobs contribute to Apple? When Steve Jobs reposition in Apple? How Steve Jobs reposition in Apple? Self-Confident Inherit certain qualities and personal characteristic Apple company Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak Apple Inc founder Multinational corporation that creates consumer electronics, computer software and commercial servers Leadership
challenges in a
workplace -Caring greatly about the efficiency of the organization and very little for employees and their feelings.

-Control in terms of task execution, and virtually every detail that goes into running an organization. Jobs leadership trait theory Job’s Situational Leadership Reasons :
Recognize the talent and potential of individuals.
Enhances creativity with combination of great ideas. Trust Focus
Passionate STEVE JOBS Innovative Accomplish high task to meet customer expectation
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