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Science Prez

No description

robert aultz

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Science Prez

The Eye Iris
Optic Nerve Retina Cornea Lens Sclera The Optic nerve is the large "chord" behind the eye that sends the information from the retina, to the brain for it to read. The Sclera is the white of the eye.
It's a protective layer to keep the
inner workings of the eye safe from harm The retina is essentially the "projection screen" that images that we see are dislplayed on. The retina is made up of

Rods and
Cones Rod s Rods are very sensitve photoreceptors located in the retina. There are over 120 million. However, they are not sensitive to color, they only see in black and white. Cones on the other hand are much less numerous, and they are a lot less sensitive to details, however they are sensitive to color. There are 6-7 million cones in the retina. The iris is a muscle around the pupil, that use to expand and contract the pupil so that not too much light or not enough light enters the eye The Lens is the focusing piec of the eye, it focuses reflected ligt through the eye onto the retina. The cornea is a protective film around the front of the eye. It stops things like dust, rain and other things like that from directly entering the eye. Optical Illusions Optical illusions are images that trick the eye and mind to see things that are not really there, like the gray dots in the image above. There are three main kinds of optical illusions. Literal Optical Illusions Literal optical illusions are illusion when an image is created out of something already there and makes something new. Like superimposing. Physiological Illusions Illusions that effect the brain through continous, rapid and excessive stimulation of a certain type. Flashing lights, tilting, colors ect. Cognitive Illusions Cognitive illusions occur when both the eye and brain make unnconcius inferencs about the image The optical illusion shown works because of the rods white and black receptors to be dominate. Both receptors cannot be active at the same time. When one is active the other is dormite. So in this image they constantly shut each other out, and cause greay to appear on the dots that are not in focus. Part One 3D 3D Red and Blue Glasses We all remember watching 3D movies in the red and blue(cyan) glasses. The glasses made the movie appear three dimensional through skewing. There are actually two images being displayed, one red and the other blue(cyan). Since the images were skewed and you wore glasses with the exact filter color of of the two images, it made one image appear 3D. This technique however is not very popular, because it limits color, mainly red, black and blue (cyan). Polorized 3D A newer form of 3D is polarized 3D. It works through a combonation of having a certain projector and a certain kind of 3D glasses. This is the "Disney RealD" form of 3D. The projector displays an image that circuarly polarized, clockwise for the right eye and counter clockwise for the left eye. The projecter alternates between the two, three frames for the right eye and then three for the left. This rapid action causes the image to appear three dimensional and in full color. Part Two Analog V Digital Analog Digital Analog signal is when things like your voice over the phone is translated into electro
pulses and then transfered back to sound when it reaches its reciever.
Digital signal is when something is converted into binary code and sent over a distance, like a T.V. signal. Compare Digital is far better than analog. Analog is a very messy signal, while digital is cut and clean. By this I mean, analog is only good at running a few channels. Like back when phones were first made, they were analog. When more people started getting phones, analog signal could not keep up with the all the different phones, and became very exspensive. while digital has no problem doing that Wi-Fi Wi-Fi is technology widely used today to let us connect to the internet using radiowaves. Almost all devices connected to the interent are connected through Wi-Fi. Most people think that Wi-Fi is short for "Wireless Fidelity," when in fact the word Wi-Fi has no meaning, it's a trademarked term used by "Wi-Fi Alliance" meaning "IEEE 802.11x." Wi-Fi requires something called a wireless router. Whitch is a box thats connected to the internet with and ethernet cable, and is able to send a signal, radiowave, out and let things with wireless capabilties, laptops, ipods ect, connect to it and access the internet. Thank you is
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