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Alex Iannella's Ancient Rome

No description

Alexander Iannella

on 29 August 2010

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Transcript of Alex Iannella's Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome Famous Romans Nero Augustus Julius Caesar Nero was known as the madman of Rome,
he only came to power because his mother murdered his step-father.
When the great fire of Rome came he built his palace on the ashes of the burnt buildings, many people were suspicous of him starting the fire. Augustus was the first emperor of Rome, his name was originally Octavian but was rewarded his name by the senate for his great achievements. Julius Caesar was a emperor of Rome, he was also a general in the army, a statesman and a great politian. When was Rome founded? Rome was founded between 758-728BC, April 21st. The founder of Rome was Romulus who outwitted his brother Remus,
for control of the settlement. The two brothers were sons of a priestess and the God of War and were looked after by a she-wolf and a woodpecker. Why did ancient Rome fall?
Ancient Rome fell due to continues assaults from hostile tribes, battalions of soldiers fought over that there commander should be emperor (Civil War) and that more money was made then Rome had so inflation was caused. When and why was the Rome
Colosseum built? The colosseum's construction began in 72AD and its official opening was 80AD. It was made so Gladiators could fight, Christians could be fed to lions and many people beleive that the colosseum was sometimes to host navy mock battles. It received the name "Colosseum" because it was built near Nero's Colossus. When did Rome become a Christian civilisation and what did they believe in before? Rome became a civilisation that accepted Christianity in 312AD when the current emperor, Constantine had a vision of the cross before a war, Constantine promised to become Christian and spread the word of Christ if he won and so he did. Romans worshipped the Greek gods that we still know today like; Zeus, Ares and Apollo and other Greek gods. But some of the gods had different names like Mars who was Ares and Jupiter who was Zeus. The Romans also worshipped hundreds of other minor gods.
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