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No description

Tiffany H

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of 2013

actually my fave y'all could never
someone that's always there for you
sexiles twin
Be proud of YOU. Be grateful for YOU.
Marfa fucking Radio
AKA worst radio station EVER

is there really anything to say about Exiles
guys this started as a thought in Troian's head
and then she waited years for itunes to let her put in on there and finally went "screw this y'all are the best here's your movie"
(((heaven is with you Troian baby)))
but really guys. we should be so proud of her and this is the first of many and fuck I'm crying bye ily
Cute Moments in Cute Fandom: 2013 Edition
By Swag Masters Tiffany and Melissandre
Marie had an epiphany about Troian's true love
Let's be real when Troian said her last love she meant orange
Also "will everyone freak out if I don't say orange?"
"You're the one who started this!"
"I don't understand."
Yes Troian I know you don't understand your fandom we don't either
Screw you we're from Texas
we listened all around the world for a maximum of five hours in hopes of getting an interview we were promised, slowly dropping out, glazed looks in their eyes, whispering "I'm not from Texas"
remember when the end of the url said listen pls
because I do
Screw me Troian thanks
Exiles Day
Lucy's birthday
Crying over us
sweetheart tbh
I cried too hi
This was a very important moment in our year because it proves how much she cares about us
(((she does that already anyways)))
remember that time she said she cried over the Exiles Day video lol
she loves us so much I'm emotional don't look at me
let's relive it shall we
cry bitches cry
TRUCY forever
Troian's baby omg skhjdfj
We did a live chat even though
we weren't there 'cause we're
cool yo.
And we trended "Exiles Premieres
Today" worldwide
We're a little fandom, but we're big
(See how i included a little Sparia in
there :p I know you liked that)
"Hey Troian kiss me but keep it PG this time we're taking a fucking cute picture"
because the fans want us to date
also TRUCY was in all capitals because Troian and Lucy fangirl over their ship lbh
Exiles Day - The video
and we spent the better half of three years looking for two
searching every photo, wishing just once for everything we ever wanted
let's take a moment and thank Lisa for asking what it was
it has such pretty metaphorical symbolism you genius Troian you
great philosopher Troian Bellisario strikes again
I don't have a picture for this you're gonna have to fucking deal
"The Fans Want Us to Date"
how'd you guess Lucy
wow I didn't know
you're fine
I mean
April's fool
(((Trucy looked the most happy in their prom pic let's be real)))
Lucy knew the name of the
guy Troian kissed first
Now is the time to squeal because TRUCY (again)
Troian called Patrick on stage
remember when Troian was at the convention in Paris and we were trying to convince Patrick to call her so the "I love you too" moment could happen again?
well, I do and DAMN IT I JUST LOVE THEM OK bye.
That's the cute video!! You guys go watch it :)
remember that time we emotionally traumatized Marie
and everyone was mad and felt really hurt
except some people were like "chill it was a joke"
It's still funny
guys I channeled my inner Shane for that tumblr post it fucking sucked why'd you believe us
you morons
Troian does not have a demo
no matter what Shane put in the description
consider hopping into my bed Troian child
Bitch face at TCAs
Remember when Selena won an award at the TCA's ???
REmember Troian's face?
Well, here it is for u :)
chick who started troiange
has a smartass sense of humor
she kinda rocks yo
also she met Troian and we all cried
"I love you more than oranges" was a big moment in this fandom that we should take seriously because
otp tbh
"Troian was lucky to meet the creator of Troiange. Marie brought the orange to her directly." @flawlesstrucy
"MyQueenTroian is one of the best girls there but don't try to talk to her on April 1 for your security" - @troiangardner
"MyQueenTroian makes me laugh hahaha she's so funny and an amazing Trobo" - @deartbells
"Marie has changed my opinion of the color orange forever and she's funny" - @dedicate2troian
""@MyQueenTroian I can't explain how much she's amazing, I admire her so much and she deserve all the recognition." - @needtroian
"Marie (@MyQueenTroian)
• The amazing person who gave us Troiange
• Always there for you and super nice to talk to, such a sweetheart" - Sara
"Even if I didn't have the opportunity to spend the day and talk with you irl to the con, I know you are an amazing person and I'm glad there is such kind people in the world. Keep shining, you're wonderful Marie xxxx" - @marinebousquet
"Marie! You always make me laugh. Troiange and the demo prank are some of my favorite moments of the year because of you; I think I find your reactions to everything really funny (I’m sorry)." - @halfbellisario
Troian's lucky to have her on her team ya feel
pretty rad
girl look at that cute tumblr she has
"Nali is my best friend here. She is the sweetest and Troian is lucky to have her. Love her so much" - @wishtroian
"TroianLovers is a Troian lover and it's good, isn't it?" - @troiangardner
"@TroianLovers she always understand me. We have have so much things in common and I love it. She's an amazing fan!" - @needtroian
please enjoy Troian's face!!!
Hello by the way!
one of the nicest people tbh
makes rad icons
"Susane is one of the best people here. she's a great friend. love her!!!" -@wishtroian
"About Susane, first of all I want to say thank you for everything. We are in this fandom together for over a year and that means a lot to me. I mean, she is my first best friend there, and she understand me from the beginning. We live many things and shared many things about Troian this year, I love her so much!" -@troianlovers
"@troianmyair is an amazing person inside and outside, she's so dedicated and I hope in 2014 I can met you better." - @needtroian
you're welcome
look at this babe!!!
sass queen
Troian loves her very much and it makes her cry a lot
Tiffany's a babe and she's cute even if she doesn't think so :)
her twitter bio iS BETTER THAN YOURS
hi Lux, love the name ; )
She's Troian's biggest fan 'cause TRUCY u know
She ships Trucy and that is great
Once, she and Patrick discussed how they could share T and it was beautiful
Troian's girlfriend
"Troian is very lucky to have a fan like Tiffany, 'cause she's soo dedicated to her. She's the best. Also, she is very funny and I enjoy talking to her 'cause she understands, you know. Thank you Tiff! love you! <3" -@Melissandre_cyr
""@SleeplessGarden creative, amazing and dedicated. I hope in 2014 we can talk more!" - @needtroian
"Tiffany aka queen Lux I know you the longest and I think you are the coolest person I met on the internet I love talking to you and we went through a lot together and you are a very special girl to me I love you very much" - @teatimekatie
"Tiffany is amazing wonderful and perfect, cute and a womderful person she is the twitaan Mama Troian here, she tells me things like u don't bother and that so I fell I am bc Ppl always tell me i am. she is so much for me I concider her a Amazing woman and friend. She is sweet and cute and all the sweets ways ! She is so kind and I love her name shahshshsh. Really she is beautiful lady I love her She is like an inspiration, I love her of course, always do and I will always going to do." - @troianuniverse
"TIFFANY or should I say Lux ; )? Honestly, you're support and love for Troian is absolutely beautiful. You're The leader of the fandom. You are absolutely adorable and such a sweetheart. You're extremely smart too. Thanks to you, Troian was able to see all of our beautiful faces. Thanks to you, she knows just how much we all love her. Your projects are always so passionate and Creative. You keep this fandom together and Troian is EXTREMELY lucky to have a fan like you. You've been here the longest and you deserve to meet Troian, which you will one day. But for now, just know that Troian recognizes who you are just by saying your name and she loves you We all love you! Even though you were the mastermimd of the really mean "Troian's Demo" April Fool's joke :P" - @beautyqueentroi
"I think Tiffany is a very funny girl. She is a lovely person and her face is wonderful. To be honest I just think Tiffany is awesome!" -@MyQueenTroian
First Troick-kissing picture
We've been waiting for that picture for years and wE FINALLY GOT IT IEHSDB
Tiffany has too many fans so she needs another page yo
"SleeplessGarden is a great trobo and very funny. She has the greatest ideias, such as changing my name to Laura. yo (hi mom, i love it)" @dearbells
"SleeplessGarden leaves me sleepless in my garden yo" -@troiangardner
she's okay I guess
jk she's the bomb diggity
she needs troian like the fandom needs her
((and troian needs her of course))
Troian is winking suggestively at you
"Camila is that girl beautiful inside and out"-@wishtroian
"To Camila, I do not know much to say. But I want to thank her for being a very cute and very special girl for me, really. She understands me when I don't know what to talk about Troian or when not have to ask on the q&a's. Camila is very dedicated to Troian and deserves all the recognition in the world. "luuuuuuuv u" Cami!" -@troianlovers
"needtroian needs Troian as much i need her" - @deartbells
"needtroian and I are little babies and we're all in this together" - @troiangardner
wait she's actually Rita
(Laura's cooler)
she's really really sweet and nice even though I'm a dipshit that messes up her name!!!
also I like her face
look out gorgeous lady this way
"Rita is me, I mean, she's so good to talk, really a nice girl." -@wishtroian
"Rita, she is a very special girl to me, really. This year we are more connected (thanks Troian). I was very happy when she got her first reply of Troian and I admire your maturity. I love you Rita!" -@troianlovers
""Deartbells is fab and so am I, because "Rita or Laura"? It doesn't really matter, both are fab. Just kidding, I love her so much!" -@troiangardener
"@deartbells is so strong and an amazing friend for helping when we need, she's funny and I love everything about her." - @needtroian
"Laura! I mean Rita you are really nice and I enjoy reading your tweets <3" - @halfbellisario
remember when I said Laura was cooler
I lied
jk they're both the bomb that's why I mix them up all the time
Laura's pretty fucking hilarious
and she's the baby of this fandom no backtalk
what a cutie
"Laura is a baby. Always will be -14. Super dedicated." -@wishtroian
"Laura is a girl too dedicated to Troian, and I really admire the love she feels for her. Hey Laura, I adore you, really." -@troianlovers
"troiangardner is a crazy hippie, so funny and a awesome trobo. She also has a secret dream: live with me and Troian in Havana" -@deartbells
"Laura might be one of the cutest people in the world! Her hair is stunning. Her looks represents her personality." - @myqueentroian
"@troiangardner is so amazing and lovely. When the people say that her fan club is one of the best, i totally agree because she's so dedicated with T" - @needtroian
"Laura (@troiangardner)
• My name twin (so close)
• A funny gurl and just lovely" - Sara
"Laura you are really tiny and I’m impressed by your crazy fangirling. Take care kiddo <3" - @halfbellisario
this bitch right here be ollllld
just kidding she's kinda cool I guess ; )
If Tyler and Troian are ever in pictures together she freaks out
she also was the mastermind behind the Tumblr for T so be grateful for Pauli (after you're done being grateful for you)
Troian started understanding technology
so Troian made a lot of progress in term of technology this year...
She started by CHANGING HER ICON
can I be that adorable in my twenties
Troian & technology 2
"Pauli is like a mama. She's a good person. Super nice." -@wishtroian
"Pauli, my favorite Chilean! I want to thank you for everything this year! Share many things (not only by Troian btw) She deserves all the recognition possible. Love you my older sis." -@troianlovers
"Onlytroianbells love their TB babies as much i love her. She is the best." - @deartbells
"Everybody in this fandom is cute bc cute fandom but onlytroianbells is the cutest" - @troiangardner
"Pauli is a cutiepie, she has a heart of gold. She is simply incredible!" - @myqueentroian
""@onlytroianbells Pauli has the cutest accent I've ever heard haha I love the way that she care about everybody and I admire how much she's dedicated." - @needtroian
"Pauliiii is sweet like clouds amd amazing like many of u. She helps me so much in the project of her and I love her so much bc PAULI I ADORE UUUUUUUUU BEAUTIFUL GIRL SWEET SWEET SWEET" -@troianuniverse
"PAULI! I miss you! I miss our rants about Toby! Those were always fun! You're such a sweetheart! One of the Sweetest and nicest people, I know! I love you" - @beautyqueentroi
"Pauli you are hilarious and always so nice to everyone. We haven’t talked in a while but I hope you are doing fine. ILY" - @halfbellisario
"Tiffany tried to do throwback Thursday everyday that wasn't Thursday" -@flawlesstrucy
"I feel like you are the glue that holds this fandom together and you're hilarious and sassy" -@dedicate2troian
super rad babe
she's really sweet
sometimes she tweets about dancing with Troian and we all cry
(that's probably just me)
I wish Troian loved me as much as she loves her tbh
Actually, she changed her icon 2 times :o
Troian are u ok bb?
What happened to your first world problems???
Anyway, she also finally listened to Patrick and she got a header and it's *beautiful*
"shh Tiffany shut up about our love affair"
1 million followers
"Julia, she is an amazing girl. Besides being very dedicated to Troian, she is one of my best friends here in the fandom and I'm very lucky for that. I'm lucky to have spent many moments with her this year and hope to meet her in person one day. Thanks Ju, for always being amazing and care for me, to be present in my life and to share all the Troian's moments with me. Love you!" -@troianlovers
"Wishtroian is wonderful! I love talking to her. She's the best Rachel ever" - @deartbells
"wishtroian is so cool, ya" - @troiangardner
""@wishtroian is an amazing friend, I need met her personally and then we will go to Miami. She's so funny and is impossible don't like her presence." - @needtroian
TRoian tweeted more than twice a year :O Actually, she got to 1 million followers!! (I didn't have wifi when it happened... Why are u looking at me? No, i'm not bitter. bye.) Anyway, baby's now followed by a lot of people, but we're the best so yeah.
Troian was in a movie that got into movie theaters :O
Our baby is growing sdhkcjsdh
but, seriously!
Look at her being a baby :3
"This fandom wouldn't be the same without BabyTroianB, do I need to say more?" -@troiangardener
"BabyTroianB is a great singer of brazilian songs, requeijão lover and one of the best trobos i've ever met" - @deartbells
"Brenda has a freaking awesome sense of humor and all I can think of is Sexiles when I think of her" - @dedicate2troian
"Brenda is funny! I believe she might be a model. If she's not, she should be." - @myqueentroian
"Brenda you are such a nice person and you are so funny I wish we could talk more this year I love you" - @teatimekatie
"Brenda is basically of my country... Haha she is a beautiful person ❤️ and i wish I can meet her some day bc I think is not so difficult so... I hope so, she is great and so good in and out with a big heart, she have the best personality" -@troianuniverse
Season 2 of Lauren
Wigs gave us 12 episodes this time
but Blue got like 24 -.-''
Anyway, Troian has made us go through a lot of emotions with that webserie LET ME TELL U
but i'm still mad that we got only 3 episodes on the first season!!! EXCUSE U WIGS
oH! and don't forget that she was a mom and SHE WAS SOOO CUTE OMG SHJDCSJKB
Izzy's rad tbh
plus she ships Trucy which automatically makes her cooler than you
she's hilarious as fuck to boot
basically Izzy's better than you
Troian being her creepy-self
look at this cutie and her cute bandana what a bitch
cat ears sueee
one half of the bellisario sistahs
once she came up with the April Fool's joke that scarred you all
pretty fucking hilarious and has one of the kindest hearts around
I guess it's well known in the fandom that Troian likes to stalk people
And us (:D)
Like that time she took a picture of a random guy and posted it on instagram (take a picture of me Troian bb)
But, we like it better when it's us who she's stalking (Right, Tiff?)
She remembers who some of us are and in most cases, SHE HASN'T MET US YET
That cute little stalker
And that time she remembered who Tiffany was and Tiff cried (she cries a lot but... anyway)
look at this family
Katie matie
Determined to ruin my life
but we love her anyways
once she made "I'm so lucky and so honored to have such beautiful kind friends" happen
Immediately Afterlife
wow what a babe am I right
so T and Shay finished the immediately afterlife shortfilm
this girl right here is one of the most dedicated people I have ever met I swear to god
She's also a sweetheart tbh
We also cried when she met Troian
(even if she gave up money for furniture to do it ; ))
wow otp
Princess Diana tbh
she's always on twitter but never tweeting
it's one of life's biggest mindfucks
'sex trio'???/?
also she puts up with my shit so I mean she must be kinda nice
(but that would make all of you nice)
T looking for her girl
this girl right here loves her some Anna Kendrick let me tell ya
oh and Troian too I guess
her Exiles shirt is better than your existence
she also is fucking hilarious and pretty terrific yo
Hiya Haya!
what a lovely lady ya feel me
such a nice person I've literally never even seen her indirect anyone
what a cutie too am I right
she's too dedicated to Troian it makes me suspicious
here have a Troian
Jules also met Troian and gave us the chance to give her letters which was fucking nice
she's so cool it's freezing up in here
judging you if you don't like Jules tbh
wow what's up with your face it's kinda completely adorable
too nice for her own good
always a listening ear which is nice af
shut your face I hate u
Sassing of Ian
what a cutie
she also met Troian how dare u
she does this thing where she dances idk???
also I spell her name wrong a lot hi
what the hell that's not even fair
what a nice lady am I right
endearing as fuck
her face is nice which makes me SICK
o dang
why is she so nice
like super nice
and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
I don't care if I spelled that right it's 2 am
but guys Silvia's the best just don't even try
shut up
I almost wrote face that would have been bad
super dedicated and super nice and super everything wow
done with your shit if Tracey's not your fave
this girl's got nothing but love
what a delightful babe
can I mention that Troian radiates pure love in their picture together or
which one is cuter I have a hard time picking
let's be real we all wish we had her username
also I heard she's part of a sex trio???
no further comments
here's actual idiot Troian for your entertainment
seriously what a cutie
she apologizes a lot for nothing at all which we should all scold her for because
like what a nice little fuck how am I supposed to compete with that
you can't Tiffany. you can't.
imitating the T
which one is the celebrity who knows
she put her "name" as Hazel Grace so she's automatically better than you
but seriously look at that doll on the right
what a babe
is t bells really sleeping is she
look at this girl having a billion different fandoms in her bio how do you do it
also she's a pretty cool soul ya know
T's shielding her eyes from the light coming from this angel hello
This year, the PLL cast has been sassing Ian and itas the funniest shit omg hahaha
They were mostly making fun of this video, which u r gonna watch 'cause it's hilarious :)
also part of this so called "sex trio"
no one ask let's just move on
she is a very good artist and very nice and very everything good in life and I really like her!!!!
yo gurl
I wouldn't mind falling asleep with you Troian
she is a Trucy shipper which makes her cooler than you
also she writes these really cool Trucy/Sparia stories what a genius
you coolcat you
lucy after reading Nina's Trucy stories
her whole page is literally Troick which I do not disapprove of
like if you like Troick you're automatically the best
once in first grade I had a friend named Amber that turned into a bitch but you're a nice Amber so good for you spreading good name about Ambers everywhere!!!!
what a marvelous being
it's like when Ruth was made all the work in the world was put into her
wow what a great time to be alive
the bodyguards
Hannah asks what a life is because she is life lbr
*clears throat*
what a pleasant, committed son of a babe
Bieber wrong
where's Hannah?
if just lay here
and call you lovely
will you lie with me and agree with me
found Ruby
She spelled it "Beiber"
And she was like "that's a mistake i'll never correct" hahaha
But all the Beliebers were hating on her because of that and ugh...
Anyway, she was a cute little dipshit and i love her ok bye
I prefer you over coffee
what a fox
all Saras without an h are automatically cooler because their name took less time to be perfect so congrats!!!
fell over from your perfection tbh
hardcore as fuck
Troian and Lucy are the best so she's the best no back talk
bet you'll never guess what her name is
(it's ally)
hi I like your face!!
okay I guess
this is the part where I'm supposed to say just kidding
but I won't
because okay is a pretty significant word because The Fault in Our Stars
I'm using your icon on this one because nothing is more quality tbh
not just saying this cause you're gorgeous you feel me girl
her tweets about Troian are so cute!!! (I use the word cute a lot but for real)
I hope you get to hug Troian someday for real!!! (and not those boob symbols Troian thinks is a virtual hug)
Car broke down
Remember when Troick's car broke down while they were in another country and it was really cold? Everyone was like "Oh, that's soo cute and romantic, Patrick can keep her warm"
I think Troian's face speaks for itself
And then Troian was like "IT'S NOT ROMANTIC GUYS OMG I'M FREEZING AHH!1! Can someone help with the car please?"
What everyone hoped for
what a tiny little thing
like are you lucy hale
when Troian sings she sings for you girl
what was really happening
"troianaddicted is so cute and genuine. I really admire her" - @deartbells
"I trust on Troian's taste and I can say troianaddicted is a beautiful lady inside and out!" - @troiangardner
"Lisa is so sweet and so dedicated. She's deserve everything, and I know she's so lucky to have Troian (they are sooooo cute together). I admire her and adore her :)" - @troianlovers
"Lisa is one of the coolest people I've ever met! Such a great girl! Everything about Lisa screams perfection!" - @myqueentroian
"I couldn't be happier for anyone to meet Troian than for you three. You all deserved it so much! Lisa you're always so sweet to me and everyone. I love you all so fucking much." - Dionne
"Lisa you are such a lovely person every conversation with you makes me smile I love you" - @teatimekatie)
"Lisa you are a really lovely girl and I’m so happy you met Troian. Take care <3" - @halfbellisario
"BellisariWoah reminds me of ooVoo party and Anna Kendrick! haha" - @deartbells
"How do I say BellisariWoah's name? Haya? Hiya! She is very fubby ops funny and I love her so much " - @troiangardner
"I like to think of Haya as my baby, even though she's older than me. I could say a lot of things about her, but I think the word that describes her the best is simply "Haya", she's just the greatest!" - @myqueentroian
"Haya you are funny, cute, lovable, hilarious, adorable, sweet and sometimes you're annoying. ;) Just kidding, I love you." - Dionne
"hayaaa you are so nice and even though we barely talk I'm glad I met you I love you" - @teatimekatie
"I used to talk with Haya but now it’s been a long time since we don’t talk. It would be amazing if we could do it again.I really like her, she is very nice and kind and she stands for her rights. She is amazing!" - @t_perfectsario
Haya! You're so sweet, funny and kind! You were one of the first people that I got close to in this fandom. Fangirling with you is always so fun! Your support to Troian is beautiful!" - @beautyqueentroi
"Haya you are really cool and I like you. P.S. Dionne’s ass is mine <3" - @halfbellisario
"SassyTroian is a lovely lady!" - @deartbells
"SassyTroian is cute and talented. Do we need more?" - @troiangardner
"Dionne is an incredible artist. Her drawings are extraordinarily brilliant! Dionne is also a great friend and someone I love." - @myqueentroian
"Dionne we are neighbors and that's so cool like?? We share our love for Troian and Demi and I absolutely adore you I love you." - @teatimekatie
"Dionne (@SassyTroian)
• She's awesome. Rly she is.
• Amazing person, talking to her is just amazing.
• Sassy gurl" - Sara
"I love you, you're an amazing drawer, your last one of Troian is stunning !! You're funny and everything, don't change anything!" - @marinebousquet
"I’ve never really talked with Dionne but she seems so nice, cute and funny. I would love to do it! And her drawings are amazing, she is really talented" - @t_perfectsario
Dionne!! I’m so glad we started talking, you are such a sweetheart. Thank you so much for everything and I’m sorry for my daily spam when you are asleep. No need to say how much I love you because you already know that. P.S. I’m not cute." - @halfbellisario
"fabulous, delicious and fluffy grilled cheese." - @imaginetroian
"Melissandre_cyr has such great ideas. We woudn't be here without them!" -@deartbells
"Melissandre is creative and really nice" - @dedicate2troian
"Melissandre_cyr has a cuuuuuute face" - @troiangardner
"Melissandre is so cute! (I mean have you seen pictures?) She is such a nice and great person! She also have a pretty awesome name!" - @myqueentroian
You know, I've never been part of a fandom...I don't even think I knew that was a word before coming into this amazing group.
Seriously, it's a pleasure to be here. It's probably the only fandom I'll ever really be part of. And it's so special and tiny (although it
has been getting bigger lately). And I must say I think it's so special because that's also how Troian is. I'm really happy
to be part of it. Thanks for letting me share with you one of my biggest passions. Love, Brenda (also known as @BabyTroianB [awful username]
"Sue is hilarious and an amazing singer" - @dedicate2troian
"Cat ears sueeelan is my favorite breakthrough singer/songwriter. She is also one of my favorite people in the world. She is lovely in every way possible (she is also nice for making videos of Troian say hi to multiple fans)" - @myqueentroian
"Sue aka cat ears Suelan what should I say hella cute hella fabulous hella fabulous I miss talking to you and even though you call me child I love you" - @teatimekatie
"SUE! Omg you're honestly so sweet, smart and amazing! You made one of my dreams come true when yours came true, and I'll never forget that!! Seriously, I'll never be able to repay you! I love you a lot!! P.s. STILL haven't forgotten about how you were A part of the "Troian's Demo" April fools joke :P" - @beautyqueentroi
"Hey Sue! Your favorite creeper here :p Remember that time you met Troian and then you did those cool videos for us, well...thank you so much for that. P.S. You are fab" - @halfbellisario
So,we got that movie this year and it was sooo good omg
And the story was so deep and there was so many things to learn from that movie :')
(and there was that really cute video in the movie and Troian was just adorable djhbdfkb)
"Jules is so sweet omg I remember when she first got an account and I gave her a shoutout (as if I'm important) and she was just so nice
(that was a pointless story but it was a fun time)" - @dedicate2troian
"Imaginetroian is so sweet and Troian is lucky to have some sweetness in her life. Thank Jules" - @troiangardner
"Jules is such a sweet french lady. She's fun to hang around with. Her accent is really cute! I am so happy I got to know her!" - @myqueentroian
"I couldn't be happier for anyone to meet Troian than for you three. You all deserved it so much! Jules bear I love you. I love you all so fucking much" - Dionne
"Juless is a sweetheart bc she tells me cute things, i really love talk with her ,she definitely is the sweet sweetest person , you may know why. I love you Juleeeees! You are so special for me. I will never forgot never I love you ok! SO HARD I WILL NEVER LEAVE U THANKS FOR ALWAYS MAKES ME SMILE A LOT WITH YOUR NICE THINGS THE SWETEST AKA YOU I CANT STOP THINKING IN HOW AMAZE U ARE FOR ME AND YOUR WAY YOU TELL ME CUTE THINGS AND SWEET TO I LOVE U" - @troianuniverse
" I am glad I could have met you with Marie and Lisa, this week-end was the best so far, I miss Troian and you guys loveee" - @marinebousquet
"Jules is so cute and so supportive. I just love her personality. She is a bit insecure but she shouldn’t because she is amazing! She rocks!" - @t_perfectsario
"Jules!! Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and always making me smile. I love you so much and I’ll always be here for you." - @halfbellisario
"IZZY IS HILARIOUS AND A REALLY BIG TRUCY SHIPPER WHICH IS AMAZING. That ratchet princess is really cool" - @dedicate2troian
"Where do we start when it comes to Izzy. She's dope. She likes to favorite things on twitter. Izzy has a beautiful face. Izzy is fantastic! Izzy loves cheese" - @myqueentroian
"Izzy Bizzy why do you have to be so cute? I love you so much!" - Dionne
"well izzy sounds so good I mean a lot of Troian is in her twitter and all this and she is so great and I wish I can talk With her bc I don't but I wish she sounds so nice and seam wonderful and amaze" - @troianuniverse
"IZZY! You're such a cutie! You're really funny and super sweet. Our fangirling sessions were the best! Remember freaking out about How Marlene and Trucy joke about Sparia on set? I love you." - @beautyqueentroi
"Izzy :) your support for Troian and Lucy is incredible. You are an amazing girl never forget that. <3" - @halfbellisario
"came like a wrecking ball in my life, precious child with a glittering heart. Oh! &also one of the ratchet princess gang hi" - @imaginetroian
The mosaic
"EndsoftheForest got some DJ Dirty Diana for you, ladies and gentlemen" - @troiangardner
"Diana is from Mexico. Diana is gorgeous. I really like Diana." - @myqueentroian
"Diana, you always find a way to cheer me up and I love you for that. I even love your enless rants. ;) And you're CUTE!'' - Dionne
"Diana I love talking to you so much and you are so so lovely I love you" - @teatimekatie
"a sweet yellow bird with a pure and big heart, the halfadams to my sleepinthegardn." - @imaginetroian
how do you do that thing with your face
this chick also really likes Alyson Hannigan let me tell ya
she's fucking hilarious and sings when she's alone hello
"Dedicate2Troian does the best videos for Troian you should check it out" - @troiangardner
"Mikalyn is absolutely awesome! She's so cool. I just wow Mikalyn." - @myqueentroian
"I rember I start to talk with her when I was ill and then we stop talking :( but I will like to start to talk with her she is so HAHAJAJAJAJAJJQAAJAJAJJAHAA amaaaazing , I just can't explain it with words" - @troianuniverse
"Mikaylin :D You are a really random girl and I love that. Your videos for each project are the best <3" - @halfbellisario
Marie got that awesome idea of making a mosaic of Troian's face with our beautiful faces
So, Marie gave it to Troian and T said she'd put it in her office
but then, Troian tried to find Marie all over twitter and Marie cried
Finally, Marie sent her the picture and T said she'd print itt to put in her house
anyway, i feel your pain, Marie. :'(
"sleepingtbells is a pretty lady" - @troiangardner
" Ani it's all starts on kik with Troian b day project thing and it's done with a very close friends? Yes and it's so cool
and Troian is amazing ohhhh ajiaoqwkwoa I am so happy to be your friend :)" - @troianuniverse
"Anisa is so nice, kind and supportive. I would love to talk more with her :)" - @t_perfectsario
"this chick coffee lady almost live in Bellisario's heaven, where Lucy's visit often." - @imaginetroian
Lulu's wedding
"I ship t_perfectsario and sleepinthegardn because two cute ladies" - @troiangardner
"Gina is so sweet! I've only known her since October but she is a great girl! Oh and her face is the best." - @myqueentroian
"It was a pleasure meeting you in Paris, you're cute :)" -@marinebousquet
"sugar pink pony lady, or my red hair little sister soul." - @imaginetroian
"I love talking to hanalan_ bc cute potatoe" - @troiangardner
"Hannah is epic. She is a really nice girl, and I think she's very pretty as well." - @myqueentroian
"Hannah you are gorgeous! You take my breath away everytime you send me a snapchat." - Dionne
Lulu got married last month and it was like the cutest wedding ever
(those were the best tbh)
but anyway
that's what i have to say
"Sofia is the cutest Portuguese person in the world, and no one are allowed to disagree. I love her to the moon and back. She is an amazing person and an even more amazing friend." - @myqueentroian
"I like seeing you in my TL, you're fun and adorable :)" - @marinebousquet
Yeah, i know... i'm good at placing pictures (NO)
"Marine is great. She helped me a lot in France even though we only saw each other for about 30 minutes or something. Her face is beautiful." - @myqueentroian
"You are so nice and so pretty omg it's cool talking to you I hope you have a good year I love you" - @teatimekatie
There's a lot of other things that happened this year, such as:
"Jieun is so cute, and from what I've seen of her instagram videos she's an amazing dancer. I wish her happiness and a great life." - @myqueentroian
"'the one with all started. We don't talk that much but just wanted to let you know how much you mean to me" - @imaginetroian
Troian's first magazine cover (omg)
Deb followed a bunch of us :D
Troian's account got hacked
The end of her car
"I'm not crazy you're crazy"
Boob tweet
Taco truck
She also met many of us and we all cried
Also, she turned 16 (again)
What are u saying she's 28? SHE'S A BABY SHE CAN'T BE 28 SHE'S 16 OK
But we shall pass to the next part of this power point so...
"Silvia is adorable. I don't know if there are any better words to describe her so I'll stick with that." - @myqueentroian
"Gabi is really pretty! She is such a nice girl, but sometimes she tweets in a language I don't understand and I think that is sad." - @myqueentroian
"Gabi, Gabi sugar cup. What to tell you? You are the best, you always Lissten to me in my best and worst days, you really shine you are beautiful and I am so glad to have you in my life, you know exactly how much You mean for me and i don't know how to tell u i don't know how to tell u here, but so basically you are so special, you know ok ? Thanks for you to all" - @troianuniverse
"So sweet, I like having you in my TL, you're amazing (obviously because we all are) xxxx" - @marinebousquet
"Gabi is so cute. She is so sweet and nice to me. I’m so glad to know her, I love her so much!" - @t_perfectsario
"hahaha, Sol is so cute. I can't." -@myqueentroian
"TroianUniverse is the one of the most sweet girls I've ever met. I love her!" - @troiangardner
"she is like the golden ticket that willy wonka hiding in his chocolate and that's Charlie found, me playing the charlie's part because my life because better in every ways the day she found me." - @imaginetroian
"Sara is from Finland. I like Sara a lot. She is really cute." -@myqueentroian
"Sara we barely talk but you are such a genuinely good person and I love you very much I hope you are having a good time." - @teatimekatie
"Alyssa is so nice to me. She is stunning, and her heart is really big" - @myqueentroian
"Tracey is a brilliant writer! She and Bree are the best writers in the entire PLL fandom (probably in any fandom as well) She's brilliant." - @myqueentroian
"If you think I'm crazy you should meet my litte one, damn Haanee you're crazy (and cute). But I love you so much. You always make me laugh. You're funny and adorable." - Dionne
"Haanee is a pretty princess. She is such a fantastic friend to have and everyone who knows her in real life are incredibly lucky!" - @myqueentroian
"Haanee (@TroiansDevil)
• Lovely and my dear
• A total badass" - Sara
"Haanee!! You are crazy and I love you so much. Thank you for being an amazing friend and helping me get through a lot of
crap this year. P.S. The sex trio rocks." - @halfbellisario
" I don't really know you but you seem adorable and everyone in this fandom is amazing so u're amazing!!" -@MarineBousquet
why do you get to sleep in Troian's dream role
how fucking rude
I wanna do the same
(you're a cool bitch hi)
katuriankaturiankaturian sleeping ahahahahah

I think I'm funny
"Trish you are so cute and have this pikachu obsession that makes you even more adorable I love you very much!!" - @teatimekatie
"Trish (@SleepinKaturian)
• Super nice to talk to. You can feel that this person really cares.
• So so lovely and just awesome." - Sara
"Trish! We haven’t really talked lately but you know I love you. You were one of the first trobos I met and you’ve always been nice to me. I’m sorry Santa didn’t give you the teacup piglet you wanted. PS You should definitely watch DW so we can fangirl together." - @halfbellisario
"Ruby you are so lovely and we know each other for so long now and you are a very close friend of mine I hope next year will be YOUR year I love you." - @teatimekatie
this bitch does theatre and that's pretty cool
once she made a gif of Troian sleeping in the garden
she is literally so funny and so nice
running gag is the time Troian DMed her about her exiles paper and didn't understand Katie couldn't DM back
T's twin lbh
"Katie we share the same name which makes you twice as cool as you already are. I love our conversations and you are very nice and I love you very much." - @teatimekatie
"So cute and amazing (because yes if you're a fan of T you obviously are amazing). Keep being yourself, lots of love xx" - @marinebousquet
"Katie (@teatimekatie)
• So so sweet and kind and super nice
• this cutie >>>
• She would do anything for her friends" - Sara
"Thanks for being here, you're really kind and sweet and amazing and keep being that wonderful person ! xxxx" - @marinebousquet
"Katie! You are really cute. I know we don’t talk that much but I still love you sweetie and you know I’m here for you." - @halfbellisario
Basically I just wanna thank this whole fandom for this year. It's been amazing and I have gone through so many good things with you guys. Oh and yeah, Troian is perfect but that you all already know.

- Sara (@TroiansGardener)

"Sleepinggardens - Aneli is so sweet and caring and she's like a little Internet sister to me (is that creepy)" - @dedicate2troian
"Love your account so much, bc you tweet photos of Troian I've never seen before and it's amazing!" -@marinebousquet
"ITS ALL START BC A TWEET ON SCHOOL REMEBER? wish talk more with u baby. Love uuuuu to so much and u rock hard eaaaaa" - @troianuniverse
"Amazing amazing amazing, I don't know what to say more, love seeing you in my TL" - @marinebousquet
"Ruth is mm how to explain it ? Just amazing , i love LISSEN how she talks about T in videos she is so sweet to just AHHHH And love how we try to make things to T even it Dosent work i have them in my heart. And also Ruth and i will never leave her Until I get old , maybe she forget me but i will always REMEBER her, always Ruth, always." - @troianuniverse
"alluuu I don't really know u so well but you seam so nice really. I hope we can talk more and those stuff ok? I love your selfies you make me LAUGTH so much with your tweets girl. TEAM ALLYYYYYYY!!!!l" - @troianuniverse
"haya Amber, you are so cute and I love your account so much, it's very good and start talking to you was the best decision." - @troianuniverse
"Amber is so funny! And she is obsessed with Troick, she fangirls over them all the time and I love that." - @t_perfectsario
"Troick's secret child, duh!"- @imaginetroian
big fan of Troian's body lbr
and her personality I guess
fave of everyone if you disagree you're wrong

wow what non idiots
Troian's biggest fan tbh
she's actually really nice and sweet to us
(sometimes I'm convinced she's Troian simply because Troian knows everything)

can't even deal with you two
"First of all we should thank Deborah for bringing Troian into our lives. Deborah is such inspiring lady. Everything she does is amazing. She is a good person from head to toe. Deborah is also nice to all of Troian's face which I appreciate a lot. I could say a lot more, but for now I think this is enough" - @myqueentroian
her account is adorable
Troian's her main squeeze but she's ours
(why are all these awkward as fuck I'm sorry I exist)
*points flirtatiously*
"Gina (hey we have the same name ;) ) is so funny and I love to fangirl over Spoby with her. I love her!" - @t_perfectsario
"I’ve been loving Troian for more than a year but I joined twitter two months ago. I was scared of what people would think of me and that people wouldn’t like me but you guys treated me so well, you just accepted me without judging and it really meant a lot to me.I just want to thank you all for being so nice and sweet. You are amazing! I couldn't ask for a better fandom, a better friends and a better idol than Troian. I love you so much!!" - @t_perfectsario
sweetest bitch
Trucy shipper which also makes her automatically cool
(cooler than she already is)
here's a picture of Lucy for your enjoyment
"You're one of the sweetest, smartest, kindest, non-judgemental pepple that I've ever met. It's been 7 months and we're closer than ever. I'm so thankful for Haya, Trucy and Sparia because they're the ones who brought this close. I love you." - @beautyqueentroi
"You guys, 2013 has been such a crazy, feels filled year! We watched Troian grow as an individual actress Outside of the Pretty Little Liars field. It was so beautiful sharing those emotional moments with you.You're all soo beautiful and remember That Troian thinks so too :) We all made it through 2013 together with Troian, now here's to 2014 in hopes that we will all stick by Each other through it just like we always have because we're a family! I love you guys so much!" - @beautyqueentroi
"Nina is a really sweet girl, and she ships both trucy and sparia which makes her even better. I think she is a girl you can trust!" - @myqueentroian
"Nina. you are really funny and a huge sparia shipper. I love seeing you on my timeline 24/7. ILY *Nina :)" - @halfbellisario
"Y'all are like my family to be completely honest. I've celebrated birthdays with people and met new friends and one time we all had Trobo Mealtime which was fun and listening to Marfa radio for however many hours was just incredibly boring but we got to share the experience together and I can't wait to spend the coming years with these people I have met." - @dedicate2troian
she made me make this so hi
she's a bitch
don't become friends with her because she doesn't even have Cheerwine half the time
"Nine is just not swaggy" - @sleeplessgarden
her bio is in all capitals and that really speaks to me
ya feel
what a jolly babe

actual idiot Troian Bellisario
"Dez! Our friendship started thanks to Trucy and we've been friends for 6 months! You're so funny, smart and adorable. I love talking and fangirling with you. I love torturing you with Trucy, Sparia and Jen feels! Your love for both Troian and Lucy is Amazing! I love you" - @beautyqueentroi
her profile is so pretty it makes me cry
(not as pretty as you are)
smooth tiffany. smooth
(what an awkward fuck I am)

hey home gurl
"So sad I couldn't see you in Paris, you seem super cool, and kind :)" - @marinebousquet
@myqueentroian (continued)
"Marie is such a good person and i love her very much. Also, she makes me laugh a lot and that's a good thing :) She's always there for me :3 You're a good friend Darlin'" @Melissandre_cyr
"I couldn't be happier for anyone to meet Troian than for you three. You all deserved it so much!Marie thank you for bringing Troiange into my life. ;) I love you all so fucking much." -Dionne
"Marie aka the leader of the troiange fandom you are so pretty and I love talking to you I love you" - @teatimekatie
"oh Marie!!! She is the sweetest. So so cute and funny in so many ways, what I love of Marie is all about her bc ppl be true who don't like Marie? Impossible. Same as chocolate SWEET ENOUGH MARIE I LOVE U !!! YOU ARE ADORABLE AND U DONT HAVE AN IDEA HOW MUCH I LOVE U MARIEEEEE THANKS EXACTLY FOR ALL , THANKS FOR THE WAY U ARE , THE WAY YOU TALK YOUR FUNNY JUST THANKS TO A LOT DARLINGGG" - @troianuniverse
"Marie is very cute and funny. She was the first Trobo that spoke to me and I'm very grateful for that. She is amazing! And she invented Troiange, we should thank her for that :)" - @t_perfectsario
"as sweet as Troiange and way more than it actually, in possession of a dark art heart." - @imaginetroian
wow what a studmuffin
@troiangardener (continued)
"So hard to describe everyone, but I like your tweets and everything you tweet about Troian makes me laugh so thank youuuu" - @marinebousquet
"Laurita , Laurita ,Laurita I dident even know how to star. I love talking with you , our snapchats and we are in theseTogether (ear.face :( ) when we talk I love it and when we stop then i miss u and need to talk again bc you are funny and amazing at the same time girl, I really love to talk with you a Lot and you don't have an idea how much you mean for me, how much I love you, how sweet and cute and all you are thanks for all bc you are a lot shine star!! For me and for some many people, you don't have an idea. Thanks thanks thanks and a lot of thanks to you." -@troianuniverse
"Laura is a cutie and she is a baby like me! She is wonderful and so sweet and funny." - @t_perfectsario
"the red color to my velvet cupcake, or the cherry of my scramberry milkshake. Indispensable. Indissociable." - @imaginetroian
@troianaddicted (continued)
"• Love all the way, she's adorable.
• Sweetie. She's always there for you." - Sara
"I don't need to say how much I love you, I am so grateful to have you as my friend, you can count on me you know that and I miss our time in Paris, je t'aime !! And remember "don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened" xxxxxx" - @marinebousquet
"Lis is god, I mean She kiss Troian 😘 ! I never stop thinking of how amazing she is and her cuteness a lot .And a beautiful inside and out to, I just she is wonderful I love how cute she is." - @troianuniverse
" Lisa is amazing! She is the cutest and the sweetest. She is so nice and kind to me. When we met Troian I was crying and she came to ask if I was ok. She treated me so well and it meant a lot to me. I love her so much!" - @t_perfectsario
"man, how could I describe this child?! You and mean both know how precious friends she is... But I 'll do my best 'A young, beautiful, individual &unique lady. Sometimes, also a fucking rock'n'roll princess. But only sometimes. (wait, Troian is that u?)'" - @imaginetroian
It’s ridiculous how much I care about y’all. This is not a fandom, we are a family, and I love each and every one of you. Troian is really lucky to have you here supporting her and I could never thank her enough for bringing us all together. You guys made my year, let’s hope 2014 is even better. - @halfbellisario
Let's see who has graced our timelines this year
Notes to all of you.
the cakes. enough said
do we even ask anymore?
Some people (cough) wanted to give us a thing or two to 'improve'
Last and certainly least, my note to all of you guys. I don't know how to even start so this transition will be awkward as fuck. There. Now that that's out of the way. When I became a fan of Troian, I was twelve. Just a couple weeks ago, I turned seventeen. Over that course of time, I've watched people in this fandom welcome themselves to the trip (like that OB reference Izzy?) and over that course of time, there's been two constants in my life: Troian and Troian's fandom. There have been times when I have wanted to pull my hair out I was so frustrated at you guys and there have been times where I have wanted nothing more than have a fucking sleepover (because I'm seven) with all of you (bonding over Troian!!!1!) You are all such beautiful, loving, dedicated, every-single-positive-word-I-could-ever-dream-of, people. Never ever forget that, because that would make me very sad friend. And just...as others have said before: this isn't a fandom, this is a family. Dysfunctional at times, yes, but completely enchanting and loyal all the other times. I love y'all so much and in the words of Troian, support your dreams. Always.

@sleeplessgarden coming on a bit too strong there eh
Tiffany is way too popular, she needs a third page yo
"Tiffany is cute, smart and very mature and a little awkward but I like that. She is also very funny and her support for Troian is amazing. I never really talked with her but I would love to because she is amazing :)" -@t-perfectsario
"Lux! You are pretty cool and I like you but I walked by your house the other day and you didn't invite me in (your loss, I had brownies) ; ) P.S. I blame tiffisario for every cute thing that happens in this fandom." -@halfbellisario
"Lux, Tiffy, Tiffany aka @sleeplessgarden well, I don't know how to say to you sweety but I will also try to do my best 'Chick child. Hacker lady. A fuck yeah virgin suicid. Old soul and rap's gangsta. Sometimes called Lux by this pair. Yo!'" - @imaginetroian
"Marine is always very nice to everyone and i've been talking to her for only a short time and i already like her! Also, she's French and that's great :)" - @Melissandre_cyr
"Laura is such a nice girl! and she's really cute (I mean, look at that face)!" - @Melissandre_cyr
"Rita is really good person. We don't talk much but i like her 'cause she's really nice :)" -@Melissandre_cyr
"You're really nice and the videos you make for all of the projects are like THE BEST! you're soo funny :) we don't talk much but i'd like to 'cause you're pretty awesome! :)" -@Melissandre_cyr
Since youtube's a bitch, they deleted Tiffany's account and so, we don't have the video anymore... WTF YOUTUBE EXCUSE U EWW
Let's watch this beautiful trailer :)
Best Troian tweets of 2013
The Year in Review
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