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Why girls should be able to play boy sports

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Jordon Hiles

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Why girls should be able to play boy sports

Why girls should be able to play boy sports
works cited
Reason 1:

Reason 2:

Reason 3:
All girls should be able to play boy sports if they want to. They have the right to play any sport they want to and should be given the chance to prove how good they could be at the sport. Nobody will ever know until we let them try.
Girls have the right to play boy sports
Girls are equally matched at sports with boys
The University of Indiana has recently done a study to see if boys are actually better than girls at sports. The study showed that there is no big difference between either gender at ages 12-13. Making each a very good match against each other. I have seen a girl who tried to play football and wasn't allowed but could have been more athletic than some of the boys on the team.
Equally Matched
For many years, the assumption that boys are better than girls at sports has always been around. Now, study shows that boys and girls are very similar in athleticism.
Girls are already starting to play boy sports with a type of football called Powderpuff. A girl has 60-80 percent of muscle mass that a guy has.

Should girls be allowed to play boy sports
Girls should be able to play any sport hey want to. A couple years ago, a girl tried to join the NFL and they didn't let her join because she was a girl. She could have been the best on the team but was never given the chance to prove it. Gender of a person should not determine if they can play a male sport or not.
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