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Hayley Bischoff

on 23 June 2016

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Transcript of SHARKS


What is a Shark?
Can you point it out?
Are you afraid of sharks? Why or why not?
Did You Know?
Did you know that baby sharks are called pups!

Most of what people know about sharks is what the media tells us. They think they are scary creatures, but actually they aren't.

Like deer, elk and moose, sharks are hunted for food, mainly soup. Over 100 million sharks are hunted every year and only 5 people are hurt by accident by sharks. When this happens it is because sharks think that people are seals or turtles.

The shark hunting industry is the main reason for shark population declines. But Sharks are essential to the ocean. Why are they so important? .
- Sharks have evolved in a tight affiliation with their ecosystem.
- Naturally, sharks prey upon the old, sick and slow fish in populations, keeping the population healthier.
- Because sharks are large predators, the can eat pretty much every species in the ocean that they choose, keeping marine life balanced so certain species don’t become too populous, preventing potential harm and imbalance in the ecosystem.

Different Types of Sharks
Whale sharks are the largest of the shark family. They are also known as the "gentle giants of the oceans"

How many meters do you think whale sharks can grow up to be?

The thresher shark is definitely the cutest species of shark. It has a very large tail that makes up for 33% of its' body weight.

Why do they have such large tails and what do they use them for?
The great white shark lives in cool water all around the world.

How many Great White Sharks do you believe are left in the world?

Great White Shark
Only 3,500 :(
Tiger Shark

The Hammerhead's vision is very different to other types of sharks. These sharks have panoramic vision, which means they can see everything around them. Their eyes are located on the very edge of their head.
Tiger sharks are named for the dark vertical stripes found mainly on younger sharks.They are mostly found in tropical waters throughout the world.

How many pups can a female tiger shark have at a time?
The thresher shark uses its' tail to slap its' prey, either killing it or disabling it. The thresher shark can then proceed to eat its' prey easily.
The basking shark is an extremely large and mysterious shark. These sharks can grow up to 10 meters, making it the second largest shark in the ocean; The first being the whale shark.

What do you think Basking Sharks eat?

Although these sharks appear to be very scary, they are actually very gentle, like the whale shark. They eat filter feeders, therefore they eat plankton.
They can give birth to anywhere from
10 to 80 pups at a time!
Hammerhead shark
Basking shark
What Will Happen if Sharks Disappear?
Shark video
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