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Prezi versus Powerpoint

Convince Tech Writing class that Prezi is a viable alternative to power point in a campus setting.


on 24 November 2011

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Transcript of Prezi versus Powerpoint

Art Class Science Class Fig 4.3 - Doses given per trial Test subjects are prone to starvation. However, after taking medication B74, subjects exhibited no signs of illness and, in 70% of cases, showed increased appetite over subjects given placebo medication. Humanities Class Prezi in the classroom Characters have meaningless relationships Power Point is an industry standard.

Many people are already familiar with it.

Features can be buried within menus.

Once the slide show is created, there is little room for improvisation. Prezi versus Power Point Prezi is free for anyone with a .edu email address.

Prezi can be run from a web browser; no install needed.

Prezi allows easy deviation from the "show".

Multimedia can be easily embedded into the presentation... A deer walks into a bar... What is Prezi? Presentation software
Can be used live...
Free for .edu email adresses How can we use Prezi on Campus? What about personalized charts and graphs?

Use to create them for free. Thought Prezi faster than Power Point Key Points Taken from Survey Percent who found Prezi Faster Percent who would use Prezi in the Future Future Users 100% Percent who would tell others on Campus 83% 17% 67% 33% Surveys Prezi Power Point The BIG picture? Prezi is free for students, faculty, and staff
83% of those surveyed say they will suggest it to others
Presentations are stored online and can be accessed from any computer with Adobe flash Will suggest Prezi Will suggest Neutral Neutral There is always a BIGGER picture. "I don't have power point at home." "Microsoft can suck it... Mac all the way." "My art presentations are photo intensive. Anything that allows easy manipulaton of visuals is great for me and my students." Prezi is in the cloud. Prezi works on Mac. Great for Visual Design. Novel is excessively wordy Alex and Rawls barely speak during the novel and when they do, the friction that should be felt is non existant. Gena, Melvin, and Tony, despite traveling together, do not speak to each other with any familiarity throughout the novel. Words like circumlocution aggravate the reader. What the heck does aprosexia mean, anyway? "Todd languished there, neck deep in the pumpkin-hued Amargosa Desert sand like a long forgotten cupcake in an Easy Bake Oven gone hellishly amok, and it finally made sense . . . 'ooohhhh, DEATH Valley.'"

Jeffrey Barnes
From "The Novel in Question" http://www.innocentenglish.com/funny-dumb-quotes-questions-sayings/bad-novel-contest.html Todd Campus now Lectures or Business World later
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