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MIT Presentation: Uncommon Trades

No description

Marlon Barrios

on 10 September 2011

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Transcript of MIT Presentation: Uncommon Trades

radical collaborations coordinations of actions NODES: distributed network of correspondents Partnerships collaborative broadcasting online series/live archive collaborative journalism Uncommon Trades
Embodied and Distributed Knowledge in
Digital Social Networks
marlon barrios solano

dance-tech.net and .TV
Dance Technology and Circulations of the Social, Version 2.0
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
April 21-23, 2011 knowledge backbone migrations flows nodes hubs meta-network it brings in...a way of choreographic thinking. We rethink the strategies of curating in terms of composing space, objects and bodies, in opening paths and structures of participation and placement through movement.
Gabriele Brandstetter
Frakcija #55
Curating Performing Arts knowledge ecologies production
distribution networked strategies patterns organization lineages
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