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Modernism vs. Postmodernism

No description

Christie Papanikolaw

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Modernism vs. Postmodernism

Contemporary Literature Modernism vs. Postmodernism In order to understand Postmodernism, you'll need to garner a basic understanding of Modernism first A cultural, historical, and philosophical movement that was a response to changes in Western society in the late 19th century Modernism Order-chaos-order
Linear narrative
Reaction to Victorian "eloquence"
Modern novel still seen today Elements of Modernism A cultural, historical, philosophical movement reacting to the collapse of modernism associated with
fragmentation of reality
the atomic era Postmodernism Chaotic
Fragmented (think 24 split-screen)
Lacks closure
Focus on interiority (interior monologue)
Multi modial / multi genre Elements of Postmodern Literature Modernism
Begins to challenge that knowledge is limited to the "elite few" at the top tier of society Juxtaposition # 1 Postmodernism
Believes that all cultures share knowledge from many sources Modernism
Confronts traditional interpretation of right and wrong; results in experience of alienation and gives birth to outcasts Juxtaposition # 2 Postmodernism
Offers multiple perspectives and alternative values; outcasts are valued Modernism
Questions the Meta-Narrative or Grand Narrative, but still adheres to one main story line Juxtaposition # 3 Postmodernism
Embraces Local-Narratives that highlight diversity and human experience Juxtaposition # 4 Modernism
Inspired by order and rationality Postmodernism
Dissolves notions of order and highlights chaos and irrationality Modernism
Still maintains distinctions between high and low culture
Still maintains elaborate aesthetics Juxtaposition # 5 Postmodernism
Rejects formal aesthetics
Blurs distinction between high and low culture Modernism
Emphasizes the final product, not the process Juxtaposition # 6 Postmodernism
Self-reflexive; shares meta-awareness of production
Makes process a part of the work Use your Glossary of Post-Modern Terms for
the rest of the year to help you! Which Postmodern Element is this? How about this?
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