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Environment pollution and Wasting of resources

No description

yubo ma

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Environment pollution and Wasting of resources

Today, there are lots of issues affecting the world, and a very important one is environmental pollution. People often talk about pollution, but not everyone know the severity of them.
Air pollution
Two forms of air pollution:
-The emission of harmful chemical gases.
-Disturbances to the normal composition of the air such that there is an undesired effect on the environment or living things.

Water pollution
Water pollution can be any change in the physical, chemical and biological properties of water which has a harmful effect on living things.

Cause: -Release of waste into the water bodies.
- Energy leak
Land pollution
Meaning: -Land pollution is mainly about the contamination and degradation of Earth's land surfaces.
Environmental Pollution
Pollution of Harmful chemical gases
Usual harmful chemical gases: -SO2

Greenhouse Gases
Scientific meaning: -Green house gases is gas in our atmosphere that absorbs and emits radiation within the thermal infrared range
According to statistics, annual carbon dioxide emissions in the world is 29,888,121,000 tonnes and the average emissions of a city per year is about 500,000 tonnes.
Main gases: -H2O
Effect: -Golbal Warming
-Increasing temperature
-Ice melting
-It could make sea level increase 65m
cause: -Industrial production
-Transport emission
-Burning fossil fuels
Effect: -Make human and animals get pneumonia
-Acid rain
-destroy the ozonosphere and increase UV radiation
Cause: -Industrial production
- transport emissions
Effect: -Breeds viruses and bacteria to make humans, animals and plants ill or even kill them.
-If polluted water goes into the sea, it can cause a Red Tide which kills lots of marine organisms.
Red Tide
Meaning: -It is a common name for a phenomenon known as an algal bloom which is caused by a few species of algae that take on a red or brown color.
Cause: -Lots of algae grow, sire and die
Principle: -When masses of algae die and decompose, the decaying process can deplete oxygen in the water
Effect: - organisms become ill or die
Relationship with water pollution: -The nitrogen and phosphorus can make algae grow faster
Cause: -harmful substances and chemicals in domestic waste, industrial waste leach into the ground.
Effect: -wild animals and plants die
-causes water pollution
-breaks ecological balance
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